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  1. anyone using this motor...got 120miles on an 80cc 2stroke,-----motor gone, rings froze ,needle bearings in rod cage shattered ......anyone else had these problems???....scared cylinder bad ,piston scored at both crankcase ports...tanaka 20:1 mix ,reg. fuel ,ngk.B6HS plug runnin light tan color...thanks jim
    p.s. crank was very rusty...was the new black motor kit on ebay in july 06
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    How many miles for the break-in period?

    I bought the silver 80cc from powerking on ebay. The motor seems solid after 6 rides. I'm breaking the motor in slowly with short rides extending outward. I'm at 10 minute durations now. Running rich oil at about 16:1, just enough to leave a slight vapor trail. I have only run one third of a gallon so far. Speed was 15-20 mph previous to muffler baffle mods today. Increased power and noise and high rev ability...Hit 25 mph for a couple of seconds and backed off to 20 and average around 18 mph. Whilst not maintain a constant speed. Variance is good.
    Sorry to hear the motor did not last long. What was your riding profile like compared to mine? I all so re-torque the head bolts before each ride because the head gasket seems to still be compressing at 12.5 foot pounds.
  3. Actually,very similiar.....would ride about 3 miles and cool down motor,then after a full tank(about 70 miles)would do short bursts downhill and open up motor about 3/4 throttle...thought we were being pretty easy on it actually,checked plug every 10 miles or so the 1st 100 miles,always looked really clean; chocolate no pitting or blistering very clean looking....but,when it 1st rattled,it went before i could even pull over..checked head bolts often; head gasket looked perfect on tear down.....oiling ports in cylinder is the culprit I think but who knows .They look and feel really rough and unfinished...Phat
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    Got concerned on tearing mine down and doing some detailing?

    Actualy, I should have polished the ports and manifolds, and at least looked inside the case for any obvious clean up...Does the side screws on engine cover expose bottom end bearings in question with the oil ports?
  5. don't know this the ist happy time i've torn down,i saw the rusty crank when i pulled the cylinder.haven't looked at the bottom end rod bearing yet...there is alot of sideplay in the rod ,so i assume it ain't gonna be good.....am goin to get a different engine ,i think ...I should have checked around a little more .PhaT:shock:
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    you get what you pay for with the happy times, most of them are garbage with a few exceptions. Mine had holes in the upper assembly, throttle cable too short, throttle assembly broke during installation, idler bolts stripped out, and BOTH my intake and exhaust gaskets rotted out in the first two weeks i had the engine. Oh well, it still runs but i have spent WAY too much time fixing all the little problems with this engine. Problems that should not have been there in the first place.
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    Had to add high temp gasket silcone to exuast gasket after sixth ride. Noticed a little oil spittle on the cooling fins and header. So it was not hard to seal the gasket to prevent hot gas burn through.
  8. crankcase port i was talking about being "unfinished"

    It seems a ring caught this port ,broke and well new motor time...side of piston very burned and ring welded in; about 3/4 of inch of it at this crank port....Phat

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    That sucks man, i would recommend getting a skyfire engine due to the fact that they are the ONLY engines that are not cheap ripoffs of grubees products. Almost all of the happytimes have been reversed engineered from the original and best- Grubees engines. Not trying to start anything with any vendors, but they know this too. There is nothing wrong with their engines, and i myself have a HT from powerkingshop (that i am not happy with) they are just a copy of a superior engine that was designed by real engineers.
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  10. Thanks I'll check it out,not ready to give up yet,LOL.....WAyyy too much fun while it lasted...Phat
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    Grubee engines are copies too. The difference (as I understand it) is that Don was able to get more consistent quality control from the factory. The Grubee history page states that Don took an engine kit home from a trip to China and figured he had a winner with all the attention it got. It also states that Don is no longer really involved with the Grubee brand anymore.

    I have two engines coming - one from Powerkingshop and one from BoyGoFast. I will be disassembling both and making comparisons between the two engines. Who knows, they might be identical or there may be subtle (but important) differences between the two. For $159 each, there wasn't much of an investment though.
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    Ok if they, (the Grubees) are copies, then who has the originals? My Kings is about to turn over 3200 miles... I'd like to find a back up motor, but this one is still running strong.
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    I started a thread about the origin of the "Happy Times" engine, and found that the original design is Russian, and dates back to the 50's. The current manufacturers used this basic design, and made changes as necessary. (CDI ignition, recoil starts, centrifugal clutches)

    If you depend on your HT as a primary source of transportation, I would buy another kit, take it apart and thoroughly "go over" everything to prep it for daily duty. I plan on building two bikes with my kits and sell off one bike, which probably won't be too hard. I bought the engines from different suppliers so I could post a comparison here.
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    Intersting story...

    Thanks for the link Phatman
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    Yes - Awesome history! Thanks!
  17. okay, update;sent pics to powerking and they responded by email wanting pics;sent them last sunday nite and they called @about 9am mtn time said they would send new motor ,no charge or shipping cost; motor is already in okc.,okla this evening..will receive here tues. due to labor day .Nice guy!! must have shipped as soon as he got off the phone.....was factory defect....can't beat their service.....will and would buy from them again..Phat
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    Wow - so you bought an engine in July of '06 and they are going to send you another one for free in Aug '08? Now that's service! Many vendors state that there are no warranties on these engines whatsoever, so powerkingshop is definitely trying hard to please!

    I just got an "80cc" kit from them a little while ago, and it came within a reasonable amount of time considering it was from Canada. My first impression between the powerking and BoyGoFast engines is that the powerking engines are packaged better and they are painted silver vs. bare castings. (covers up the rough casting finish nicely)
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  20. no,no..i bought the motor about the 14 of july 08;received and installed it on or about july 21 of 08...put 120 or so miles on it and it blew.....i sent them pics and etc...sorry for the misunderstanding....but they made it right......will update later after i tear down new motor next week....Phat