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  1. so i ordered the 49cc limited edition on the 5th of this month:arrow: well i got it on the 8th yes amazing:grin: i just opened it and :eek: it is an amazingly well put together engine not one flaw they even emailed me today asking if everything was good so out of a 1-10 i give them a 9 1/2 and o yea the le doesnt have potmetal bolts and all that i kinda tried to bust one cause i have the grade 8 ones for it and they never broke so for all you nay sayers think again the le 49c rulezzzz:grin:

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    Good to hear that you are pleased. Ride on!
  3. My "80" from Powerking is good so far. I've got about 12 miles on it, and it starts easy, runs strong, no problems.

    "I buy gas by the glass!"

  4. well i put 20 miles on her today not one prob and only used about a half inch of gas in the tank lots o power too im doin another 20 tomarrow