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    I live in an area that the police seem to notice everything that moves.
    Except they have no issues with a riding lawnmower. Has any one ever
    converted an old style mechanical push powered lawn cutter into a bicycle
    front fork. A lot of issues:dunce: Had to:-/ up an :idea: for a wintery cold
    day. Try not to laugh to hard:wheelchair:

  2. Mountainman

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    have you seen the guy that has the toilet motor bike THING ?
    he also built the shoping cart motor bike THING !

    you may wish to get hold of him -- he seems to be a very amazing motor bike builder
    of strange THINGS
    would think that he would have some ideas regarding push mower motor bike

    ride that push THING ?
  3. beachcruiser

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    Yes , I have seen this mans amazing motor bike build of unuasal things.
    Your right this person could build this strange thing. He would have to overcome the turning radius , never know though!
  4. Mountainman

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    getting close to rocket science applied

    well -- I never thought that I would see someTHING like that
    but --- that toilet seems to turn pretty darn good

    that motor bike toilet rider does not even have to pull over to use restroom
    man oh man -- that's getting close to rocket science applied to motor bikes

    ride that ceramic MB THING
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    Bahaha, that and Steve number 2 would have to be the most funny vids I have ever seen!!
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    Is this what you're looking for? Now just to get a nice little engine on it...

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  10. beachcruiser

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    Thats it, Kilroy. Now I see that alot of modifcations that can be done to this.
    That will give the police something to scratch their head
    over now.
    Thanks for going to the trouble to post this.