prayer for Obama (very sincere)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by scokes, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I'll let those of you who own a Bible, do the research for yourself. It will mean that much more. :devilish:

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  3. Mountainman

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    way to get us into our Bibles

    way to get us into our Bibles on this early morning

    I agree

  4. Mountainman

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    he can't be an Obama Mama one ????

    where are SimpleSimons coments here
    I know that he studies the Bible ----- much
    he can't be an Obama Mama one ????

  5. SimpleSimon

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    I voted for Obama, in the confident expectation that his presidency would do pretty much just what it is doing - nothing substantive or progressive, but very, very divisive of the country.

    That reference is incomplete, as it is my reasonable expectation that we will see both Ps 109:8 & 9 come true.
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    WOW Simon, 109:9 is a little heavy. You really think that will happen?
  7. SimpleSimon

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    I am somewhat surprised it has not happened yet.
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    True, but WOW think of what happens then. Joe Biden??? Heaven help us all. And think if they're both gone. That is totally unimaginable. LOL
  9. SimpleSimon

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    "Come the revolution, where will YOU stand?"
  10. Zev0

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    Now that my friend is a dumb question. Obviously you have not read my previous posts on the revolution matter. I, as a military retiree have already been branded as a suspected terrorist. I have sworn to protect the Constitution, but NOT the president. I am a die hard true blue American and will fight to the death to protect my country. Plus THEY will NOT take my guns.
  11. SimpleSimon

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    Did you not note the quotation marks?

    I know very well where you stand, Zevo. Nor do you stand alone, I assure you of that. While not a veteran (the secretary of defense told me in 1973 that the US military was not an equal opportunity employer, and they did not hire the handicapped), I served in another capacity, and I too took the oath to defend and uphold the Constitution.

    I will not be forsworn.