Pre-assembled MBs available?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Tortoise, Apr 24, 2012.

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    This site seems to be largely about building your own MB. I am not really interested in building a MB, but I would love to buy one to commute to work on. I looked in the vendor area, and everything is pretty much DIY.
    Can anyone recommend any pre-made MBs? I would think that some manufacturer would have developed a great "built in" motor by now. Not so?

    I am interested in a 4-stroke motorized bicycle, with decent suspension (for a commute through pot-holey Providence, RI). Something with enough ponies to get me up a couple of very steep hills. Center mounted motor so I can carry a pannier to the grocery store.

    Can I get something like this ready-made? Or am I going to have to try and build it myself? I definitely prefer a reliable motor (not one of the Chinese ones that I have read about on here).

    PS: I looked at Heliobikes, but have read the few reviews here and elsewhere that are not good.
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  2. Venice motor bikes might be able to help you out
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    Hi Tortoise: I think that most experienced motorized bicycle folks on this forum would tell you that the notion of buying a ready-to-ride MB -- and expecting to have a carefree, reliable experience with it as dependable transportation -- is very unrealistic. I came into this hobby a few years ago with the kind of expectations that you seem to have, and I quickly learned that you need to be well-equipped with tools, and the skills to use them. I had a lot of automotive experience as an amateur hot-rodding enthusiast (years ago) when I started thinking about buying a motorized bicycle. I also had a pretty decent set of tools. I now have a reliable MB that I'm proud to ride, but the learning curve to get to this point has been steep. And, I've had to buy specialized bicycle/motorcycle tools (bottom bracket tool, chain breaker, cone wrenches, etc, etc).

    I've really come to enjoy all of the learning and tinkering and extracurricular purchases that this hobby entails, and if you think that you would be, I'd say: Jump in! Otherwise, you might be better off with a new moped, scooter or full-size motorcycle.

    Also, I'd check out the DMV laws in RI if you haven't already. I'm nearby, in southeastern CT, and our DMV laws are very favorable for motor-assisted bicycle owners. But I know that -- at least for motorcycles -- RI is very stringent in their requirements.

    I'm not trying to discourage you; I just wanted to present a realistic view of this hobby. And I want to say that you did the smart thing in doing a due diligence check on companies like Helio Motorized Bicycles in Carlsbad, CA. I'm not sure if they're still in business, but apparently quite a few people have had nightmarish experiences with Helio, and Kyle Craw, its owner.

    Best of luck.
  4. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member can build you a custom bike. Let them know you want it built to be street legal in your state. Still lookup your local laws so that you can know what is available to you.
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    Check your local There is usually somebody selling assembled motorized bikes on there. If you do not see assembled motorized bikes on your local craigslist, it is possible that they are not street legal in RI, as Jerry suggested. We have a legal subforum on this site that should contain some info.