Prediction: Bama 31 Texas 12

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    "Tim Tebow's Tears" are the #1 screensaver locally, and Pasadena is the #2 spot for importing Crimson souveneirs. (USC has 2 titles in the past decade, they don't want Texas to get their second).

    My Cali/Nev 49er fan cousins wanted Crimson gear for Xmas, and talk about a hassle, the Roll Tide section of every store, K-Mart to Belk, is ransacked. I got into one store and the tee-shirt rack was empty. It took 7 stops to complete the assignment, more time shopping than I've ever spent....

    They have some kind of Tide/War Eagle superstore in Hoover, AL, and my nephew went there last week, all's he could afford was Houndstooth Huggy, the Larges and xtra Larges were on back order.

    So, Vegas has Bama +5, and based on what we are hearing and reading, that is a safe bet. I'd think +11 would be more like it, but I don't think they want to rub sand in the Longhorner's eyes.

    Whatayathink the score will be?

    Bama 31- UT 12 is my crystalized final.

    UA +3 on the turnovers, as a wildcard.

    We'll check back in 8 days and see who hit the mark.

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    Us DigiAntenna folks get 9 games, theres a 3 team SEC parley plus Bama sure thing.

    & 3 I don't give a **** about.

    Pick 5 correct, call your bookie for a $10 put, & you could have free cable for a year....*

    Stanford vs. Oklahoma CBS
    Penn State vs. LSU ABC (squeaker)
    West Virginia vs. Florida State CBS
    Oregon vs. Ohio State ABC
    Florida vs. Cincinnati FOX (in a blowout)
    Oklahoma State vs. Mississippi FOX (Blind Side cast on the sideline)
    TCU vs. Boise State FOX
    Georgia Tech vs. Iowa FOX
    Texas vs. Alabama ABC

    * does not condone gambling, for e-ternainmentz only.

    I'll take Stanford, today's game, see how the SiliconeValleyMojo is working.
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    Oklahoma 31 Stanford 27

    That shredded two parlay tickets.

    Prediction? The Tiger Woods curse begins.

    Notre Dame has lost 9 straight, maybe Stanford will lose 13 in a row, or however many mistresses turn up.
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    It's almost 11:30, I'm hoarse from screaming at the TV but BAMA BACK ON TOP.
    Roll Tide Roll
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    Since this hilarious thread is on my tabs, reposting a Texas fans MS-Paint rendition of the first quarter....

    I was enjoying all the pre-game hype on the Texas and Bama blogs, KNEW the Tide was going to beat the point spread like in the Florida game.

    It was amusing to read the Texas posts two days after the game, when they finally figured out Colt McCoy was going to get hit hard 10-15 more times since the Longhorns had no running game for 2 years.

    If your QB was going to be your RB, he better be ready for some smashups.

    They diagrammed the play where he got hurt, it was a quick option left, a play they only did maybe 15 times all season, mostly in the first few games.

    And when they analyzed it frame by frame, it dawned on them that it was Colt's fault, if you are going to call a wishbone-like pitch out, you better get moving FAST, and he was still behind the line when Marcel Dareus tapped him...

    What went wrong: Colt and the Quick Option:

    Anyway, I had Bama -19 pts, and it ended up Bama -16.

    Not bad.
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