Preferred oil

When my motorized bike was my main ride i ran the Walmart Supertech marine 2 stroke oil (could get it for 12$ a gallon at the time)
ran fine, smoked a LOT but never seized anything at 32:1. Now I run Amsoil in all my stuff (Interceptor or Dominator, depends what my dealer has in stock)

Really for CG engines id run cheaper oil for the first few tanks (to break them in, seat the rings, etc) then run the high-end stuff to avoid excessive scoring and seizing when running them hard.

Main thing is people try to run higher ratios with better oil, these CG engines really do need that film left behind for them to last a long time (IMHO, if you got steel sleeved one or something higher end you can run 50:1 with good oil) but for the rest of us with Fleabay specials run 32:1
Just curious as far as people's preferences on 2 steoke oil.

Engine and ratio with brand

I use Lucas synthetic with a cap full of mystery oil per gallon at a 25:1

Stock zenoah g270rc

The Lucas is very low smoke and the mystery oil speaks for itself.

So far it's my favorite combo.
stihl hp. the best stuff on the market 20:1 break in then 35:1 after that
I tried a synthetic oil (mixed 16:1) when breaking in my Zeda engine. I used the same fuel mix in my old Homelite XL when wood cutting. The fuel started boiling in the tank and spewing out the cap breather. I switched back to a petroleum-based oil after that. I figured that if it was bad for the saw, it was bad for the bike. I run a mix at 32:1 now for my bike engines, using a good petroleum oil. Everyone has their own preference.