Preferred Pre-Mix Ratio??


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May 18, 2008
Hey Everybody- just a quick survey. I'm trying to get a sense of how to adjust my premix ratio as my mileage increases. Hope this poll gives me some insight.

Mileage____? Ratio_____?

I'm running 16:1 (less than 100 miles on engine)
Yuk, 16:1 is too messy. The china engine ratios from manufacturer are based on the fact that Chinese use motor oil and don't have good oil technology yet. With our advanced 2 stroke oils, 40:1 should be just fine and 50:1 would be ok if you use Maxima 927 or Klotz supertechniplate. This oil mixtures I stated do not apply to bushing engines.
i agree, i have wondered why these engines would be any different, that they would need that much more oil, than my say my chainsaw. i mix my synthetic from tractor supply 50:1 . my engine runs smooth, much better than @ 20:1. in my humble opinion, if you mix any heavier, than what the oil mfr. suggests, it is just a waste of money, loss of performance , & could cause premature plug fouling.
Be warned though, you may void your engine warranty if you use my recommended mixture assuming you had one in the first place. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to these engines, you are your own warranty :)
was'nt that article written in 1978? now i'm not an expert, but if we are talking plain 2 stroke oil, or motor oil ,then by all means, go rich, it'll just smoke more. but i have read several articles over the years about 2 cycle mix,plus my experience (i was a timber cutter for about 6 yrs. in the 80's) and had to protect the high priced engines of our chainsaws. i mix my synthetic 50:1 , i do check the piston, & cylinder wall . it has no scuffing. if you run you finger over the piston, there is a very light residue, that feels very slick. so i know the oil is working properly. i broke mine in like the manual said.but after i use 32:1 for a couple of tanks, then i went full synthetic 50:1. all i'm saying is there is a world of difference between 2 stroke oil 30 yrs ago, & todays full synthetic 2 stroke oils.
i think if you ask 10 people, you will get at least 6 or 7 different answers. i would follow the 16:1, then 24:1 till your warranty is up then i would switch to synthetic & at least go 32:1. i know my chain saw has run 50:1 for 4 yrs, it works much harder than my bike engine. the head is easy to take off & inspect, so the best answer is to try a few mixes, it's allways gonna be a personal preference. i just think the if you mix you should mix what the the oil mfr's directions say, & so far great results.
I tried running 16:1 for a bit and my engine would not run at all. I checked the plug and it was gummy with oil resin on it. I changed my mixture to about 30:1 and it started first try. I did foul the plug though from running to much oil but once I replaced it with the new mixture I have not had a problem since then.
So are you guys saying I should run something other than 16:1?


Even with a borderline OTC oil, no need to run that oil rich after 100 miles.

Pick a good oil and use 30:1 as a minimum. Most top tier oils won't have any problem with 40:1 or even 50:1. Yes it is true that some race engines can produce more power with very oil mixtures, but often these engines are cleaned regularly.