Tires Preliminary report on Specialized Armadillo tires

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Warner, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Warner

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    I rode in to work today (20 miles one way) on my newly mounted Specialized Armadillo Nimbus tires (26x1.5"). I installed them this weekend after getting a flat on my way in last week...which SUCKED! I also installed the "spinskins" tire liners as well. I didn't get a flat on my way in...Hahaha. GOOD! I think that they are going to be a little slower tire than the 1.25" Forté Fast City ST/K tires that I replaced. It felt a little slower today, even though I did hit 36 mph at one point. It did feel like I was riding into a pretty healthy headwind, so I will reserve judgement after I make the ride home tonight. Even without the wind, it seems like I hit higher speeds on my ride home....will keep you all posted. These tires were NOT cheap ($35 each), but if they keep me from getting flats, it'll be worth it!

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  2. loquin

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    The only down side that I saw on posted reviews for the Armadillo Nimbus tires is that they're a very hard rubber, and their grip isn't the best, especially on wet surfaces. (which is entirely understandable for a hard rubber)
  3. Warner

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    I can't speak to that...and hopefully never will...hahaha. I don't plan on riding in the wet. I'm sure it will happen eventually though. My initial riding impression is that they feel more secure and stable than the skinnier tires that I replaced. Time will tell. I'd trade a little less traction for puncture resistance though, any day. I'll post again after my ride home....I have a feeling that my impression of greater rolling resistance will be true. I'll also have an idea from my non-motorized 2 mile ride on the bike path. I was able to average around 14-15 mph with the other tires....we'll see how these tires compare.....

  4. SirJakesus

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    I prefer 26x1.9 to 26x2.2 for motored stability. When I had my 26x1.75 comfort bike tires on my XR75 the bike felt a bit squirrelly at higher speeds and the ride was more harsh with less cushion. Maybe you have really good roads where you live but most of the asphalt I encounter has been patched countless times and is all cracked and uneven from the nasty frost heaves we get in the winter. I also like to do a bit of off-roading which the skinny tires always wanted to be anywhere but underneath me.
    Just keep the pressure high and they should roll okay. Most of your time spent on the MB is motored anyway so personally I equip for that rather than optimizing for pedal travel.

    Much luck to you, I love reading your stories. Keep up the good fight brotha!
  5. Warner

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    My bike is rigid on both ends, but feels fine....even when I hit bumps. The route that I take has a considerable amount of debris on some of the roads (since I ride the shoulder on them). In the mornings, it's feasible for me to take part of the lane as there isn't much traffic on most of the commute, but on the way home there's much more traffic and the shoulder IS the way for 6.5 of my miles (on the part with the most debris). I can feel a nice difference between the 1.25" and 1.5" tires. So far I'm liking the Armadillos.....ESPECIALLY if they are as good as this video makes them out to be: