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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by markham26, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hey guys i am currently running the lowest quality fuel which is classified as E-10 i was wondering:thinking: whether or not my little china 2 stroke would handle the 91 unleaded fuel as i don't wanna put it in the fuel tank just in case i destroy my motor. Any feed back is much appreciated.

    Kind regards Markham26

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    yes it'll run on the 91 octane, but it will probably run better with the cheaper stuff (here in the U.S. we have 87 octane as the cheap stuff).
    the compression in the china engines is very low, so cheap gas is the way to go.
    you will not gain anything by using the 91 octane, but you will lose money....right out the exhaust.
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    I tried the good stuff and it ran worse than ever. I always "assumed" higher octane fuel burned hotter, so it should run better. After a little research. It turns out the higher the octane the less combustible it really is allowing for higher compression before ignition. ie high comp racing engines.

    I do not have a high comp head yet, so there may be a difference. I doubt we'll ever get high enough compression for this to be effective.

    A friend of mine I ride with alot has used a little ether in his fuel with very good results all summer "probly 400+ miles" a nyquil measuring cup so what 2 tsp-per-tank. Burning hotter (read)more combustible would be a good thing. I haven't tried it yet so I can't recommend or not, gonna try tho :)

    "If it ain't broke, Fix it till it is"
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    thanks for the feed back, ill keep that in mind :)

    cheers markham26 :)
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    in aus our lowest octane is 91
    E10 is part ethanol i dont like it one bit at work we use it as a solvent for cleaning parts in

    my bike ran terrible with 98 octane fuel,hard to start and slow. wish we could get lower octane fuel for these in oz :(
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    i agree to meny people are making to much money of us consumers here and we are just meant to sit back and not to complain
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    australia uses a different rating system to the usa. our 91 (or unleaded) is the same as there 89. and our 95 is the same as there 91 and our 98 is the same as there 93
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    btw e-10 is the same as our 95 or 91 in the us