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    Greetings all,

    I lack the resources and money to pursue this like a lot of you. My mechanic told me my SUV is not worth fixing. My roadster burns ~10mpg (premium) so I cannot afford to drive it anymore making a large part of my motivation utilitarian. The bicycle was killing me on trips to Walmart (16 miles one way. 3 hr pedaling uphill, too tired to shop, then 3hr uphill on the way home too!) so I found myself on this site ordering a 50cc from bluecollarbob today (it was the t-shirt that swayed me!)

    I have seen a few unique bikes in this area, maybe now I will be able to catch up to them! Meanwhile I am trying to figure out the laws in this state (NH) as they seem to contradict themselves but that is the subject of another search. Meanwhile I will be reading up on the basics and searching out even more creative ways to be the ultimate cheapskate.


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    howdy and welcome; just keep after it and have fun.
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    let us in on the user name
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    I couldn't figure out what you were talkin' about at first, then I realized you were talking about MY user name! It was a nickname I picked up when I first moved East from my home state of Alaska. The first girl I met was dating three other Paul's so she started calling me Mr Alaska (I was handsome back then) and it stuck. When I went online I used the name I was accustomed to.

    In retrospect it would have been less confusing to come up with some other name but nowadays every time I register with another name I forget what it is by the time I come back. Not sure whether it indicates alzheimers, laziness, or a combinatino thereof.
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    That's what trading in AK for the Granite State will do to ya, makes you an Old Man of the Mountain before your time. :lol:

    From an old New England yankee cheapskate, welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to MBc.