Preparing to buy my first build parts

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    Hello from Oregon!

    I live 30 miles from most my destinations and can certainly do it on a bike, it would be a lot easier with a motor on it, so here I go! :D

    For starters I've decided on buying a Mitsubishi TLE33 motor, hoping it won't give me any problems and that modifications won't be necessary (don't know shiz about motors), it seems like a good idea now as I weigh less than 130 lbs, and will be carrying 10-20 lbs max on my bike not counting the kit's weight.

    Link to motor:

    Then to get it in action I was thinking of getting this friction drive kit

    Link to drive kit:

    I know I'm missing other stuff (clutch and kill switch parts), but I'm still searching the internet for those.

    If you have any comments or have had any experience with viza or staton please feel free to comment/send me a pm.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to MBc :D