Present World Unleaded & lpg fuel price??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by djase10, May 18, 2008.

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  1. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Hi All..

    Can i please have the present World Unleaded & lpg fuel prices from members where they live..

    you know
    city, country.

    Unleaded price
    LPG price..
    state gallons , or liters

    I would find it helpful,
    & others may also..

  2. BSA

    BSA Guest

    It's well over a 1 pound a litre here in England. A pound is about 2 dollars I think.

  3. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Birmingham, Al, USA $3.65 Gal. US. Outrageous!!!!
  4. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    The current averages i have are
    U.K= 1.12Pound a litre
    U.S=3.70 Gallon
    New Zealand= 2.o5 Litre

    Current in Adelaide is 1.40 litre unleaded ($5.30 a Gal)
    I pay 63c a Liter for my LPG, but ive seen lpg as high as 79c a litre at the moment..

    Thanks Guys , keep em coming ..
  5. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    You guys aint seen nuthin' yet. The more our dear prezident Shrub pushes for sanctions and war with Iran and his buddy bernake in the fed continues to devalue the american dollar by creating ever more trillions out of thin air the price of gas and every single other thing we buy will go up... and that pittance of a raise your corporate masters give you every year isn't going to come close to making up for it.
    Live with less today so you have less to lose tomorrow.
  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Bull, supply and demand, drill in ANWR, off the coast, get it out of the ground.
    Global Warming is a lie, we need oil not political hot air.
  7. My current cheapest local price today. Diesel last I checked was hovering around $4.20 a gallon lordy.

    Picture 3.jpg
  8. kerf

    kerf Guest

    If you're an independent trucker, you're in a world of hurt. Every day you haul is another day closer to bankruptcy.
  9. eljefino

    eljefino Member

    ^ not if you demand a raise/ institute a fuel surcharge. Let the competition go bankrupt.

    Propane is $.99/lb at the hardware store. IDK how that translates to liters.

    You got me thinking about how cute it would be to run a bike off one of those disposable camping propane bottles. It would of course have to be 4-cycle, and would be the most dangerous thing between two legs.
  10. datz510

    datz510 Member

    unleaded is sitting at $3.59us here at the moment. I'm in Mesa, AZ, USA.
    Not sure what lpg is running, as I dont know of any place that sells it in my area.
  11. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Not a bad idea at all and not dangerous. You would need a propane carb, don't know if they make one that small. I've seen high speed floor buffers that run on propane but we're talking probably 6 hp.
  12. I spent nearly one dollar on a cronus fill up today. I was hot!

  13. Bigwheel

    Bigwheel Member

    Driving Miss Daisy Mae

    Here is a pretty good view of the global price of gas:

    I live in the upper left hand corner of Washington state within spitting distance of two refineries and it is for the most part $4/gal. here.

    That is why I am heading towards this:

    Drilling ANWR and dragging more out of the ground is not the answer. We are being manipulated, don't think we are not. However there is such a thing as the end of the supply regardless so why not plan now for it and save some so that our grandkids can have a little fun riding their motor bikes?
  14. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member


    based on Jase's quoted price we are paying $6.16 a gallon here in Oz. Converted to USD thats $5.86 a gallon.

    Thats Outrageous :rolleyes::???:
    Last edited: May 19, 2008
  15. Hey! It dropped by 2 cents today!
    Now I can afford to fill up my truck!
    Picture 4.jpg
  16. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    $3.81 for regular today and $4.79 for diesel. I filled up my work truck today and paid $562.00 to do it! That was only 117 gallons of diesel. It holds 200 gallons.

  17. You would have payed for a really good Motoredbike for that. I bet that's what you were thinking,huh.
  18. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    and even more now!!!!!!!!
    Adelaide had a price SPIKE today,

    Unleaded= AU1.69 a litre..
    6.12937 USD a gal
    wow.. what a spike!!

    thanks again
    guys and girls
    for your input on this topic.

    These numbers will rise infinitely indefinably ....

  19. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    I just paid £1.12 for a liter of unleaded fuel (£5.09 for a gallon). To convert that to USD and measures that makes, $2.59 per gallon.
  20. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I thought a Pound was about $1.96 US.