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  1. pebblelake

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    Hi !

    This is last winters project.


    98 cc Rex villiers custumized frame
    Husqvarna 98 cc front suspension
    Honda xr 80engine
    My grandmothers old bike fenders, pedals, handlebar, seat.
    Made the tank
    Paint me
    Tires Fat frank

    Ps/ sized_IMG_9009.jpg Tribute to Ava Gardner, and i'm also a gardner) ds

    Hope you like it!

  2. pebblelake

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    1SPDBING New Member

    Very nice! Great looking bike, well executed.
  4. El Sid

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    Beautiful! Looks like the harley when they started. Very nice indeed!
  5. pebblelake

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    sized_IMG_9016.jpg sized_IMG_9032.jpg sized_IMG_9038.jpg sized_IMG_9041.jpg sized_IMG_9042.jpg

    some more pics
  6. pebblelake

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    more closeups

    sized_IMG_9100.jpg sized_IMG_9030.jpg sized_IMG_9076.jpg sized_IMG_9098.jpg sized_IMG_9014.jpg
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  8. Zen builder

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    That's a sweet build. I like Ava Gardner also...
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  10. Fabian

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    That looks like a brilliant project.
  11. Zen builder

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    Also ,the pushrod tubes are great. Noticed your wearing a Skydive Tampa shirt. You jump? I started skydiving in Flagler Fla. about 23 years ago, jumped Deland and others down there. Blue skies.
  12. pebblelake

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    I'ts a gift from my doughter, she skydives and scubadives,
    i'm more of a scuba guy.
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  14. Arty

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    Really nice!
  15. PocketBiker

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    The original engineering is so amazing! If the bike could only speak..... Thanks for sharing the photos! Jim