preventing power loss

Feb 15, 2019
I was talking about the main clutch bearings. The bloke in the video wanted metal shields on his clutch bearings, not on his crank bearings. The ZZ in the product code means it does have two metal seals. The single side sealed bearings are not so common. The both sides sealed ones are common.
Oh ok I gotcha my bad. I thought he was talking about the crankcase bearings. because that would only make sense. Lol I would like to see his face when he gets a letter from his distributer that says he can do all those upgrades no problem but the cost of each motor is going to be 100 dollars more.
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Apr 9, 2018
Technically wouldn’t it work with neither seals on the mains? There are already rubber seals with springs that go over the shaft. If you take apart a dirt bike motor there isn’t any seals on the actual bearing. Neighbor thinks you leave the inner seal facing the crank on “facepalm”.