Preventing theft of bike parts

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    How do you guys protect your bike parts from theft? I imagine having such easy to steal parts on them would be quite dangerous at any place where the bike is outside and exposed to everyone

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    I never let my bikes out of my sight.
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    My bike looks like it belongs to a weirdo and stuff is hidden behind re-useable shopping bags. Actually, the bike may very well belong to a weirdo.
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    I happen to have some small experience with this problem.
    Living, working and riding here in NYC aint easy with all the thieves around.

    I'm a night club door man and bouncer, and I spend alot of time standing in front of nightclubs on the street.
    Ive seen and stopped many bicycle thefts by just bringing attention to what the thief was doing.
    The parking poles across the street from my club seem to be a favorite spot for bicycle thieves to go shopping.
    One night a guy chains up his brand new
    Specialized Rock hopper 29er sport to a pole across the street...
    I warned him he shouldn't lock it down there, there going to steal it, he laughs, and holds up his Kryptonite lock and chain and yells back-
    "They aren't going to be able to cut this, and I have one way skewers so the wheels are safe"...
    He continues to lock the bike down, locks his chain threw his helmet and goes on his merry way....
    I shrug, and go inside to patrol...
    45 minutes later I'm tossing some drunk out on his ear and I look at the 29er...
    Its been stripped to the frame, only the rear wheel, frame and (yup) the helmet remain, No derailleurs, no drive chain, no cables, no seat, no bars, no fork or front wheel, no disc brakes, no rack, they even stole the crank and bottom bracket cartridge set! With not a single nut or bolt left behind.
    These guys obviously had at the bike with power tools, and knew what they were doing.

    At about 3:30 am the guy comes back and totally freaks out... he comes running across the street... "didn't you guys see anything?" he asks desperately...
    I'm sorry I tell him... they were very fast whoever they were... I did warn you.
    Thieves today are brazen well prepared pros, you cant count on passers by to get involved.

    This is why I bring mine inside AND chain it down to a big steam pipe in the basement.
    Yes its a pain the the neck to haul up and down the narrow concrete stairs, but at least its still here.
    Multiple locks, different kinds of locks and specialty tamper resistant hard ware help... but if you REALLY want to not loose your bike or parts? bring it in with you or leave it home.(locked down of course.)
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