Preview of EZM "Q"-matic

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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Here are a few pictures of the soon to be produced drive sytem from EZM.

    Have fun,

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  2. azbill

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    nice !!!...I know you have been working on that for a while :):):)
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    Nice! I assume the ziptie is a pre-production test? :) Looks like it should fly!
  4. Mountainman

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    not the first time Quenton that the pictures don't show us anything

    so you should stop teaseing motor bike riders and other interested parties...

    come on now -- show us someTHING !!!

    if you would have pulled someTHING like this when you were a little boy
    doing the show and tell THING with the little girl next door
    that just would have not been right !!
    she would have whipped you buttt...........
    he didn't show me his !!!!!!!!

    am I losing it ?? or have I seen that very same picture before -- I remember the chain -- I think ??

    please check the drive chain in that first picture -- thank you

    ride that thing and see that thing
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  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi everyone,

    The plastic tie is the new motor stabilizer [joke]. The support will be tilted and made from different metal. Isn't it amazing the chain stays on considering it is so loose, guess using the better grade and larger chain has its advantages.

    Mountainman....... I only covered it with the guard to keep the moving parts from attacking my body parts. The "Q" matic is using a MaxTorque clutch suspended from both ends of the shaft and anyone can purchase a similar clutch, make the special mounting plate, fabricate the bearing support brackets, figure the correct idler spring pressure, make the custom idler, purchase the high speed bearings, attach to a 49 CC 4 stroke motor, and purchase special spring & weights for the clutch.

    I also noticed several other vendors producing drive systems, but don't show the insides of the drive, why not ask them why they don't share all the information?

    Have fun,
  6. azbill

    azbill Active Member DOES seem that people are interested in the insides
    maybe because they realize the competition that is out there each have their own individual issues
    if it was easy to do, it would have been done before

    but, I must say thanks to MM for keeping our threads bumped to the top :):):)
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  7. Mountainman

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    hi Quenton

    I guess that I just don't understand this one ??

    the thread titile caught my eye -- Preview of EZM "Q"-matic
    that's what I get for thinking -- but -- I thought that we would be able to see something ??

    if I may ask of you ??
    if we are not going to be able to see some of what we may call (((good pictures)))

    could you please post a video of that (((sweet thing running)))
    down the road more than a few times ??
    then we could see it and hear it in action

    I think that you do have one poor quality video up somewhere
    I saw something a while back
    but -- we would sure like to see more -- when you get the time ??

    this would take care of my mountain desires on this and many days....

    wishing you much success -- from up top the mountain -- MM
  8. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Mountainman,

    Hopefully I will be able to make another video in a few weeks. I will try to make it close-up and spend more time during the ride. I am getting ready for the show in Portland, IN and will be really busy for the next 2 weeks. I have a lot of part orders to fill [take to Portland], and I have to spend every extra moment in my shop.

    Have fun,
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    not a problem Bill

    not a problem Bill
    because I have been very interested in this new motor bike thing for a long time..
    don't mind one little bit helping you all out there...

    thank you Quenton
    we know how time flies
    in a few weeks maybe more to see ?? that's a cool thing -- thank you

    have fun as you learn more about that motor bike thing
  10. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Just a quick update on the EZM Q-matic. Spent the day adding miles on the speedometer and testing on hills.

    The new system is working 100%. It takes off easily from a stop [no pedaling], increases speed on hills. Just received a few more test clutches [MaxTorque] and hope to modify a few drive systems for testing [via EZM dealers]. I was able to max the Whizzer speedometer [50 MPH] going down a hill.

    Hopefully I can get Greenyland to take a video soon and post on YouTube.

    Have fun,
  11. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

  12. azbill

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    very cool :cool2:
  13. Hi. How much are these transmissions without the engine going to be for the Honda GXH50? I have one of the Grubee stage III gearbox on a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser & it's noisy & the gears have to be lubed by hand often & the clutch does not have a ball bearing on it & it's not supported on the end with a ball bearing either. If I run it wet the clutch slips alot. It's a no win situation & a poor engineering design. The new Grubee G4 design I'm hearing does not have a ball bearing clutch for the Honda GXH50 and the freewheel gets chewed up quickly also (one persons experience here in this forum).
    I'll assume all the shafts,clutch etc in the EZM use high quality sealed ball bearings? And all ends of shafts etc are ball bearing supported ? How much are replacement belts,bearings,shafts,clutches,etc going to be and what kind of warrantee if any will be offered (AND HONORED WITHOUT A HASSLE) to us the customer ? Will different input shaft I.D.'s be offered & universal mounting plates & high torque handling capacities be offered for us crazy mod mechanics ? Tell me as much as you can about these please. You know someone is gonna post pictures of the inerds here in this forum sooner or later so you might as well take that cover off & post the pictures now ! LOL
  14. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Jetenginethrust,

    Still taking bids on final mounting brackets, however we are trying to stay under $250.00. Making this system has been an expensive venture in design, testing, fabrication, and using American labor, parts, & suppliers. Originally we planned to only offer the drive systems with the EZM kit because we thought someone would design & manufacture an upgraded system for the existing 4 strokes on the market. Recently we found out that one company's new drive won't fit the earlier motors, and that the new and improved systems appear to have issues. For these reasons we will be supplying our dealers with the new automatic EZM system. I will do my best to answer your questions starting with the clutch; we use the American made Max Torque cent. Clutch as the heart of the system. We support the clutch with 2 high-speed bearings, one on each side. The Clutch can be upgraded to several offered by Max Torque if someone wants a "racing" clutch. We don't use [or need] a freewheel because of the failure rate, and the Max Torque clutch doesn't effect peddling the bicycle in any way.

    Warranty is real, not excuses or blame game period.

    Because of design, the EZM drive will adapt to almost all motors, and offers the easiest to service with many parts available "off the shelf".

    The parts needed for input shaft I.D. can be custom made by one of our dealers [in CA] at fair prices to fit almost every motor.

    The EZM drive has already been tested with an 8 HP B & S motor and worked very well.

    In the near future we will offer a better mounting plate with better supports and more universal [Thanks to one of our dealers in PA].

    I am sure pictures will find the way to the internet, but I am still testing and making last minute changes, so any pictures of prototypes may or may not represent the final production product.

    A few additional comments......
    Hopefully the production will start within the next 30 days.
    All existing systems are owned by dealers except one.
    We are still accepting bids on a few small parts.
    We are testing the Q-matic on different brands of motors.
    One of our dealers is helping us fabricate a rear belt drive system for the Q-matic.
    Still accepting dealers in several areas.
    Canada & Australia distribution is being considered.
    I will be at Lewes, DE in a couple of days.
    There will be several EZM bikes at the event.

    Have fun,
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  15. Ezm

    Hi Quenton. Thank you for answering most of my questions. I like your Transmission design. I also like the fact your using good ol American labor, parts, & suppliers. I'll assume the end of the crankshaft is not supported on the end with a ball bearing in your design because you are trying to keep the overall width of the eng & trans as low as possible? You also said you would have a warrantee & stand behind it but you didn't say how long it would be good for. How long will the warrantee on the trans be? I guess you won't know how much replacement parts will be either until final production starts. I'm glad someone is finally stepping up to the plate & designing a good transmission for our bikes. I would also but I don't have a metal lathe or milling machine YET :rolleyes7:.

    I have a few ideas to run by you to help promote & better our MB hobby.
    1.) Install sealed ball bearings in your design so we the consumer can lubricate while they are still installed in the transmission using high pressure or regular grease zerk fittings (Like the ones I lube on the flight controls of the airplanes you fly on).The bearings will last alot longer & we the consumer will save money in the long run by not having to disassemble the transmission to remove & replace the bearings or having to pay someone to do it for the not so mechanically inclined customers as often.

    2.)Please fabricate and sell a sprotor (A sprocket & brake rotor combined in one unit/piece) with a universal mounting bracket & brake caliper (Hydraulic or mechanical type ) for us modders who can weld a tab to mount them on our bikes. Offer many different options including number of teeth,type of chain (IE-Metric 8mm,#25,1/8",3/16" BMX,415,420,) Etc. I'm surprized King'
    s sales & service has not done this yet even though he has been asked about it several times & it would help his business out alot more IMO.

    3.) Design,build & sell a whole new HT type OFFROAD 2 stroke bad *** engine ! Why hasn't someone done this already is beyond me :confused:

    4.) Design,build & sell a wankle rotory type engine built into the WHEEL :idea: !
    Hardly any rotational or frictional losses at all making the engine work less & the design very efficient :D !
    No chains,gears,belts etc. !
    ( If anyone reading this does design an eng like this I just want to be mentioned as the person who originally came up with the idea :idea: ).
  16. RdKryton

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    Q-Matic News

    I was informed at the East Coast Rally that the Q-Matic drive will be available very soon. As early as 4 to 6 weeks. The final price is yet to be determined because one of the parts vendors has not finalized the EZM's total cost for that part. I was able to get a prototype to test and install on a Harbor Freight engine. See my last post in this thread for my results of this testing.
  17. Pic of EZM innards

    I found this thread called " Inside the EZM ??? " here in this forum with a picture of the secret gearbox everyone is afraid of divulging information about. It just looks like a couple pulleys driven by a toothed belt turning a centrifugal clutch. Simple & effective. Although IMO it should be built using greasable bearings like I stated earlier in this thread & a heavy duty freewheel on the rear wheel with a two piece sprocket to facilitate removal & replacement quickly to change gear ratios without removing the rear wheel. Will reduce friction when peddling alot. Even with the freewheel on my Grubee III gearbox there is quite a bit of friction to overcome when peddling. But I guess he wants to keep down the cost as much as possible. Very understandable because IMO most people want something for next to nothing/bargains etc. Would really be the bees knees if it were a continuously variable transmission too :idea: Gotta keep the costs down though or not enough sales :ack2: I really have to invest in a milling machine & lathe. Hmmm :thinking:

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  18. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Jetenginethrust,

    Sorry that isn't the Q-Matic. Your picture is an early proto-type and is not a current production product. It neither uses a "toothed" belt or a automatic clutch.

    Hope you get a lathe & mill soon so that you can offer a solution to the many with defective drive systems. Try HF, or Grizzly.

    You idea concerning grease fittings is a good one, however Max Torque has been working on that idea for some time and has discussed it with us in great detail.

    I like your concepts and hope you can make them available soon.

    As far as the double sprocket how would you move the motor [or sprocket on the drive system] to keep the chain in line [use 2 sprockets on the output]? One of the problems that must be overcome on a MB is keeping the chain or belt centered and keep it from rubbing the tire or the frame. The vintage Whizzers used belt drive [approx same with as our HD chain] and 99% of the time the frame had to be "crimped" or "dimpled" to arrive at the needed clearance. The larger the rear sprocket the less clearance between the frame & wheel.

    Because the clutch "freewheels' a problematic freewheel doesn't add anything to the system, and many use a bicycle with the rear coaster brake. I have a collecton of broken freewheels, and just don't have a lot of faith in their durability. Of course they were all made in Taiwan, maybe that is the problem. Is there an American made freewheel?

    Ahhhh A CVT, so far the CVT simply eats large amounts HP on small motors, is very WIDE, and I have watched many try to make them work correctly. Hopefully you could solve that problem and offer a working system. I too would like to see one adapted for MB use. Of course the system must be kept thin, therefore location is everything.

    Keep comming up with good ideas! And hopefully you can add a lot to MB drive systems. And please buy a mill and a lathe and start making parts, as the market is great and hundred if not thousands are waiting for a good replacement drive system. I get a lot of calls everyday [including Sunday] from Motorbikers wanting to buy our drive system as a replacemnt for their current system, and there is no way we can meet the demand at this time, so I would welcome you to be part of the solution.

    Have fun,