Princess-STILL chainsaw powered!!! Front wheel drive

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  1. G-Superior

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    Just whant to show you guys my new toy:rolleyes7:
    Its a 1970s BSA ladys bike with a STILL MS260 engine in the front just like those old freench mopeds called Solex
    My intension was to make a nice old looking bike that looked like it just came out of factory ready for a granny:grin5:
    The final product was a well balanced front wheel powered bike that was really easy to ride and also the most confortable i have even rode.
    the bike was found in the midle of no where in a field in my friends farm and he lives there for a while but dosent remember since when it was left there do it was a fairly long time. The frame was rusted as **** and it as taken my days of work to get it so be perfectly flat and rust free. The wheel where where just dead had to replace to inner tubes and tires but i managed to find ones that where the same as the factory one.
    The handle bar was also in bad shape including all the cables and bearings.
    So after something like 1 month is back in the road better than it has even been before! It is illegal over here in the UK but i never used the engine in the road anyway
    So what do you think should I add to it?
    In my list there is the kill switch, a small support bracket to hold the right side of the fuel tank and the fenders but there where in so bad shape that its taking me to long to do it.
    Hope you like it and sorry for the small book that i have written:D
    OHHH and by the way her name is Princess

  2. G-Superior

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    Forgot to sent the pics again:dunce:

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  3. a/c man

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    Love it. Looks really clean and well restored.
    I can appreciate the ultra simplicity of your bike.
    It reminds me of my old Hercules I had as a kid..
    You should be proud of your work. Go out and enjoy it!
    These bikes are like kids, they're all different, with separate personalities, but you got to love them all and appreciate their individuality.

    TREEWK Member


    Very Nice Bike Restore And Engine Setup. Your Build Looks Like It Will Cruise With Ease.

    I Am Sure Many Would Like To See More Detail On The Engine Clutch And Drive Hub. I Sure Would. What Is The Oil Tank For, Is It Needed To Oil The Clutch Bearing? Your`s Is By Far The Neatist Saw Build I Have Seen. More Picture`s Would Be Nice. Thanks For Sharing With Us.

  5. G-Superior

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    thanks guys!
    will post some pics of the set up and how everything is mounted soon as possible.
    TREEWK the oil tank is only there because thats where the bar fits so i can´t get rid of it but it loooks nice anyway.
  6. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Nice! :grin5:

    I just love fully "custom" built FWD motorized bikes, definitely sets you apart from the pack :cool: Looks sleek, simple and retro, just the way I like 'em (those factors among others are why I built myself a FWD as well). I like the fact that a drive like that is very simply transferable to another bike if need be, also zero interference with the pedal drive/chain, makes replacing the rear tube/tire as easy as on a "stock" bike.

    Are you going to put some nice fenders on there? I think that's the only thing the bike needs to look fully finished.

    Please do post more pictures of the setup, I would like to see how you went about the mounting brackets & friction pressure adjustment, also what did you use for a roller (bmx peg, skateboard wheel, something else?). Is there a way to disengage the drive when riding without engine assist or is the drive drag low enough that it isn't necessary?

    What size engine is that? 20+cc , 30+cc or something larger? Good power/speed?

    Ahh, I see no muffler, must be a tad on the loud side :rolleyes7: You might want to put some muffler on there, will keep your ears happy and the engine might also be happier running with at least some backpressure, after all the work I'm sure you don't want to burn it up!
  7. Wheres my dog

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    Straight pipe right off the engine.... dare I say LOUD?
  8. liscos439

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    Ha! That's what I was planning for my 1936 Raleigh Super, also found in farmland, but with a 4 stroke.
    That's a very neat way of attaching it, the supports appear to be hidden, apart from "STIHL" on the side it looks like a factory standard job.
    Shame it's not allowed on the road (when someone's watching). ;-)
  9. G-Superior

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    so lets me anwser a few questions then i will go for the updates.
    "Are you going to put some nice fenders on there? I think that's the only thing the bike needs to look fully finished."
    Dilly Bar Rob I do have the fenders for it but its taking me forever toget then nice and flat like they should and not full of rust holes and marks:ack2:
    "What size engine is that? 20+cc , 30+cc or something larger? Good power/speed?"
    lly Bar Rob thats a still ms 260 i believe which is 55cc but it can also be the ms250, not sure
    the speed is stil unknow because i have never had it going until a few hours ago (firsts time in 6 months or so in 2 pulls!) but i did not goo on it because i dont have enough fuel:goofy:
    The spindle is just a tight fit metal sleeve over the clutch drum section where the sprocket goes and its about 3cm in diameter i think
    and last thing:
    "Ahh, I see no muffler, must be a tad on the loud side "
    Thats picture was when i was half way though making it
    Right now its got the most gorgeous exhaust system ever :tt1:
    Will get pics of everything when i get my camera back
    Finaly finished the rear fender and painted it, cleaned the mountings brakets for it and painted then(a few hous of work just here:sweatdrop:)
    Welded the muffler to the straight pipe that you you can see in the pics and made a 2nd mounting bracket for it just for extra support(its is one of the extra quiet super heavy duty mower muffler that looks realy old:grin5:)
    Finished the trottle cable
    Added a fuel line and fuel shut of valve(maybe putting an old brass one in the future but the one thats on it is not bad at all)
    New homemade clutch clip(in chainsaw they are slide on ones so you can remove then side ways but here I cant because the spindle is there so I had to make a retangular looking one that works even better than the original:idea: and can be pulled out by lifting both of the ends up(will get a pic. of that as soon as i can, may help some prople in the future:D
    OHH liscos439 the are allowed in the road until someone phones the police
    Anyway they will never get me :helmet: (in actually never going to ride it, really dont want ir getting taken off me and turned into a big square of metal:icon_cry:
  10. G-Superior

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    forgot to post this picture when I first posted:goofy: :grin5:

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  11. MrShorty

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    I use to have 2 Velo-Solex bikes (Wish I hadn't sold them). It looks just like them except, no handle to engage and disengage the motor on the front wheel. Very KOOL!
  12. TREEWK

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    The Back Wheel Looks Great. Hope There Is More Pic`s In The Mail!! Lol.

    You Do Have A Working Clutch?? Or Do You Have To Use The Lever When You Stop. No Matter, It Is A Nice Build. Ron
  13. G-Superior

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    I`m the WINNER!

    Came back from it yesterday but was way to tired to go on the computer so here it goes today
    I went to this enginering competetion yesterday and won the first price for most well made machine!
    Got 50 pounds as a small price (Im in the UK) and a tropy and if someone gets intrested in me they will sponsor me in University and College!
    Not bad for a bike that toke me 1 month to complet and 10 Pounds:grin5:
  14. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    if you get an engineering education out of that bike that is absolutely fantastic!!!

    Congratulations on a very lovely build.
  15. G-Superior

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    whats Next now?

    Thanks give me vtec!
    I still have next years competition to go trou and it will probably be harder because people are going to be a little bit more competitive but I have the talent and the effort to put into it:D
    As anyone got any idea in what should I build for next year?:idea:
    Maybe another bike but now with my homemade 2 stroke engine from an air compressor pump? (YES IT DOES WORK! and the pump was originally from the 30s, and the best of all is sounds like a banshee!:grin5:)
  16. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I think you should build it anyways regardless if you put it in a competition or not.

    Videos or pics would be great.
  17. G-Superior

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    give me vtec will get the camera back tomorow if Im lucky and I will get a video of it running and riding and a few more pics of the set up