Fuel Mixture Pro Mix 2-stroke oil


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Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
I just went to Lowes and picked up several little 2.6oz. Pro Mix oils...it says it's OK for 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, 16:1...just pour this container into a gallon.

Now, I'm not a mathematician, so I'd like to understand how the same oil AND Quantity of both gas and oil can create different ratios all at the same time???

There's a little "star" on the label that says "Safely replaces all six ratios"...

So am I good with 1 2.6oz bottle of Pro-mix to 1 gallon of gasoline?

I have a feeling that just like breaking in motors, everyone has the "best" way...but tell me what you do and what I should do before I start the motor, please...

I would stick to the actual ratio the mfg. recommends. Some engines can stand a reduction in oil mix when using synthetic others can't. I would stay away from one size fits all.
I have found 25:1 (5oz/gal) works well and engine lasts longer with extra lube
I burned 1 up at 32:1
I run my bike in 120 temp during summer (hot in desert)
Hi Bill,
So I'll pour another little 2.6oz bottle into the mix? I'm in Florida, and today it's like someone turned on the "summer switch"...high 80's and humid...possible 90's by this afternoon.

I run a lot of Nitro RC 2-stroke motors, and the rule of thumb is to lean it until it's performing well, but make sure that there's lots of smoke coming out of the pipe...since gas burns "clear" how do I know if it's "right"? Do you fool around with mixture often? I do on my planes, but not on my weed-wacker...

Weird that the label on the oil leads me to believe that whatever your ratio, just pour this one bottle in and you're good to go. What's up with that?

these little china engines are very low-tech
the more lube you give them, the longer they will last
I will gladly leave some blue smoke if my engine lasts longer
25:1 was reccomended by roland (spookytooth), he is outside tuscon,az (desert as well)
OK, agreed...2 little bottles it is!
Do you think I'll have to make adjustments, or is 4.5 turns open (manual says that's the spot) good with the extra oil?

(Hope I'm not bugging you, but the first runs are oh-so-important...)

Also - do you think the amount my throttle grip turns is OK? (1/4" or so). Doesn't feel like a lot of range...

OK, I will add the extra oil - I was just worried about the motor not running from too much...now please, someone tell me about the throttle grip question I keep asking. :)

1 gal = 128 oz

want 25:1? divide 128oz by 25 = 5.12oz (or 2 bottles)

EDIT: maybe i'm missing something when you say
Do you think I'll have to make adjustments, or is 4.5 turns open (manual says that's the spot) good with the extra oil?
if that's the idle screw yer talking about, you'll have to experiment as you set your mixture and pre-mix ratio.

anyway, when you twist the throttle, you should be able to hear and feel the carby-slide hit bottom and top of the barrel. it's not very much play when set right.
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