Problem: Accidentally put Fuel into oil filler

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by s2kwak, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. s2kwak

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    I have a 4 stroke subaru eh035, outside drive kit, and this is my very first build.
    I've put fuel into the oil filler accidentally, because I am very stupid.

    I haven't started the engine yet, but I am scared something might happen (like me exploding).

    Should I just take the fuel out and put oil? (the new oil I put inside will be impure from the residue of the fuel right?)
    Anyone know what I should do?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. heathyoung

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    Take the fuel out. Replace with oil. Fuel remaining will dilute oil (make it thinner).

    Remove oil. Replace with new oil. Smack forehead.
  3. Heathyoung is correct. Change the oil twice, ride for a little while(say two tanks of gas) and change it again. No harm, no foul.
  4. HoughMade

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    I agree- but would say a ride or 2 of 1/2 hour or so is enough before changing the oil a second time. Just enough time to make sure any remaining gas is thoroughly mixed with the oil.
  5. s2kwak

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    Thanks you guys, this forum is awesome.
  6. fetor56

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    Smack forehead quite firmly & promise never to do it again. :grin5:
  7. Mountainman

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    if you refill with clean oil and run
    you only need to run it for 15 minutes at the most before refilling
    this will be more than enough time so as to mix all of the small amount of gas into the oil

    note -- I wouldn't even do that -- the refill twice
    I would just drain the gas out and put clean oil in once
    many times guys clean the insides of engines with gas or diesel
    drain and then just refill with oil

    ain't no big deal -- just ride that THING
  8. RdKryton

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    Look at it his way. It's the kind of mistake you will only make once. I have many red marks on my forehead from doing stupid things.