Problem after installing a New Carburetor

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    Ok so i decided to replace the stock Carburetor with a NT Speed Carburetor. After i put the throttle cable to the carb and connected it to the engine i decided to fire up the bike. When i did that and pooped the clutch the bike started to go on its own and drive without my throttle touched and when i hit the throttle is goes slower LOL instead. Also if i come to a stop and engine the clutch to idle it revs up super fast instead of idleing. I tried to adjust the idle screw but that didn't change anything. So i took some pics to see whats wrong.

    So from the pics what is correct way i mean the throttle cable will go all the way down to the bottom if i put with IMG_4076.jpg but it seems backwards with how the bike moves instead.

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  2. s1urpee

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    Ok i finally got that problem fixed lol. Now when i start to throttle is sputters before a while before it starts to pick up then it will fly but once i start again it sputters. Also i have no idle anymore when i try idle before shutdown.