problem installing sound dampening kit

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    I just got the sound dampening kit (rubberized sheets that adhere to the inside of the covers). However, When I removed the clutch cover, I noticed evidence of the clutch bolt-heads rubbing on the inside of the cover. There's not a lot of clearance between the bolts and the cover...Won't it shred the dampener?...anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    You can always make a thicker cover gasket, thus moving the cover away from the studs.

    I haven't done it and haven't looked real close, but I think that the (3) studs protrude further out then the flower nut. Also I think the only useful purpose of the studs is for a pull start....if all is correct you can grind the studs down a bit. Leave enough there in case you need to make a tool with 3 holes for their use.
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