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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tinker4, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I have a chinese knock off of the honda gx 35 its made by huashen something any way I was riding the other day everything was fine only rode about a mile and a half. when I got home I parked my bike and went inside. I came out about a half hour later had an erran to run however my engine would not start. Later that afternoon I finally got it started by using the throttle on the handlebar. The engine would not idle. Sooo I changed gas with new gas tried a new plug took the carb off and re sealed gasget with permitex gasget goo let it dry and then checked for leaks. no leaks. engine still wont idle and bogs. Today I took the carb apart and cleaned it. It sounds a little better but it still wont idle and it bogs to the point that it wont even turn the wheel. I don't know what else to do. The engine ran great for the 1st month and a half. Is this what I get for not buying a good quality engine like a robin subrau? Ive been down for a week now and Im starting to go thru withdrawal from no riding. Please Help...Thanks:icon_cry:

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    are you sure it's a 2 stroke? the Honda is a 4's the robin.....?
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    the Honda version is a compact 4 stroke, the same brand 50cc knock off is 4 stroke.

    if you put gas/oil mix in it drain and purge it, use fresh pump gas, make sure the crankcase has oil in it, install a new plug and try again. it MIGHT straighten out.

    good luck,
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    My Bad

    Sorry your right. My engine is a 2 stroke and I mix 30:1 as per the instructions. I should have use one of the other 2 stroke brands like the pure fire 2 stroke. the bottom line is maybe I should have spent the extra money and got the 4 stroke in stead of a chinese knockoff. Maybe the lesson here is you get what you pay for. I don't know all I know is was running great and now it dosent and Ive tried every thing I can think of including reading posts here about what could be done.:annoyed:
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    hi tinker,

    if you still cant get it running, bring it down to a local lawnmower repair joint, these guys are constantly working on these small engines, and they would probably be your best bet if all else fails.