problem with 4 stroke engine

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by davidLY, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. davidLY

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    I installed a 4 stroke engine on my bike but we are having the following problem.

    The engine only goes on if we pick up the back wheel and the engine goes off when you press the breaks.

    There are also 2 clear tubes that should be connected to the engine but I'm not sure where.

    I think this is the engine I bought

    ccan anyone help guide me?

  2. HeadSmess

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    huasheng lf142...

    two dangly hoses from carb. the one from the bottom is a drain, tuck it away or remove it.

    the one from the BENT tube on side of carb...brether hose. tuck away but DO NOT BLOCK OFF!

    im assuming fuels attached cus you said "engine on".

    engine "runs" sounds nicer ;)

    no idea in that area. dont know what gearbox you have. could be a stuck clutch. idle too high. no throttle. killswitch in the brake lever. a whole list of things :)
  3. davidLY

    davidLY New Member

    do you know any online instructions I can check

    the engine goes on if we pick up the back wheel - it turns off as soon as the break is pressed.

  4. dougsr.874

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    Sounds like it's a gearbox problem....If you have same gearbox as the one pictured on ebay then you are's called a hoot gearbox and they are totally worthless....You should have done some research before you bought this piece of S.....
  5. HeadSmess

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    the description really really confuses me. but maybe im just dumb.

    you lift the rear wheel off the ground and engine is on... so somehow it just miraculously starts when you lift the wheel, you dont need to use the pullstart? thats what youre description is saying...

    it turns off as soon as break is pressed...

    so, once again, youre saying the engine stops running when you use the break.

    personally. i think you havent connected the throttle, and the poor things doing exactly what it should be doing with no throttle.

    its called idling. possibly a bit high so the clutch is just starting to engage... wheel will drive with no load, ie lifted. wheel wont drive with breaks.

    or the clutch is :poop: and you simply arent being very descriptive...

    yep. you got the worst gearbox possible, other than one full of sawdust. the ehgine will be fine if you treat it nice and you get lucky, the gearbox? this thing will be in the garage in a weeks time and never see the light of day again!
  6. LR Jerry

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    All isn't lost you can get quality stuff from EZ Motorbikes. You do at least have a good engine.
  7. davidLY

    davidLY New Member

    sorry if it wasn't clear

    If I lift the back wheel and pull the pullstart it starts but stops when the break is pressed

    If I don't lift the back wheel and pull the pull start the engine won't start

    do you think I have to buy a new gearbox?

    I really don't know much about it -- from online it looks easy to get a motor bike and I can't afford a car.
  8. zwebx

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    look at your clutch thats the problem
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  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    yup. either springs are bust or its jammed open somehow. btw, what happens when you push the bike? if clutch is jammed youll be fighting engine compression, if springs broken, not there, it will roll really nicely. thats if it doesnt have a freewheel in the chain drive somewhere...

    no biggy. remove four bolts and have a peek :)

    ^watch video. i didnt. but watch it anyway :)

    these things are easy. learn to fix em yourself, and when you do get a moto or a wont have to fork out ridiculous sums to keep it going either.

    and what happens when you lift the wheel, and give it a good handful of gas?

    dont go being conned by the "motorbikes are cheap, convenient and easy"

    every rider i talk with agrees... having to rug up before going anywhere is the pits. having to find somewhere to leave bags/jackets/helmet when you venture out into civilisation is a downer, and the ambulance fees are awful.

    tyres are expensive, parts are expensive, theyre small and tight and awkward to work on.... when they arent fallin over.