Problem with Grubee Engine - low power when engaged, high revving when idle

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    Hi folks. I have built a motorized Felt MP cruiser, and I'm using the Grubee two stroke engine. I replaced the carb with a Delorto carb (thanks PirateCycles!) and the bike has been running great.

    Until now.

    My engine has started racing, revving up like crazy, the moment I idle the clutch. When I'm cruising along, if I hit the throttle, what I get is a wimpy "putt putt putt" instead of the roar I'm used to. I will stall on any hill, and I do mean ANY hill.

    What's going on?!? I looked at the carb, and it seems to be working okay - I twist the throttle, the door opens, release throttle, door closes up. I checked the muffler to see if I have any build up in there messing up airflow - but it looks clean in there.

    Does anyone have any advice for me? If so, I'd really appreciate it.


    - Alex

  2. AlexTrias

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    Quick follow up - I'm thinking I have an air leak. I put some plumbers tape on the intake manifold, and tightened up my carb. Going to take it out for a spin in the morning and see if that did the trick.