Problem with limited space in frame





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The ebay ad states its the motor only, and frame looks a bit small for that motor unless you plan to do some heavy mods to it.
Read the black hat alert in the introduce yourself section. Then decide if you want to purchase anything from this guy.
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Also be aware that it is a Chinese COPY of a Honda and not an actual Honda motor. To give you an idea of the amount of space required for one of these motors build yourself a 10"X10"X10" cardboard cube, if you can fit it in the frame you will be able to fit the motor.

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Personally i don't think the engine will fit in that frame.If u measure the INSIDE of the triangular frame the minimum distance between the crank and the seat should be around 14''....that's only my general rule of thumb.
Pay a little bit more for the engine/gearbox combination and go to a known reputable dealer...also pay a little bit more again and get the proper Honda.
The Chinese Honda clone seems fine BUT the genuine Honda GXH50 has a reputation for being the BEST small engine of it's kind in the world.