Clutch problems installing engine...

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    Hi all,

    I've been having problems installing my engine.

    When putting on the chain the clutch lever was still working. I put chain on bottom part of sprocket, pushed the clutch lever and turned the sprocket to get the chain to come out and connect the two chain ends together.

    Installing all other pieces went fine, CDI, throttle handle, clutch handle, carburetor etc.

    But the engine won't start!

    Now here are the problems:
    - Somehow yesterday the setup changed so that without pulling the clutch lever the back wheel spins freely. So the clutch is permanently disengaged and won't engage or disengage anymore.

    - I took off the drive gear cover and now it won't fit back on. The bucking bar sticks out too much. I managed to take out the ball bearing this morning and it all looks clean behind it, just a horizontal piece of metal against which the ball bearing pushes.
    The clutch lever is facing towards the back of the bike so that the flat part is against the bucking bar.

    - When spark plug is disconnected and I turn the back wheel, the piston does not move.

    - When spark plug is disconnected from engine but connected to CDI and held to the engine fins it gives no sparks when turning the wheel.

    - A kill switch was not provided, is there a homemade solution to this with some wires near the steering wheel? There is rubber between the engine and frame.

    I'm really at a loss of what to do next. I don't think the Kenyan bicycle shop that I bought it at knows anything more than I do.

    I get a lot of attention on the streets with the engine in the bike but I'd really like to get it running also. Hope some of you can help.

    For some pics of the bicycle see:
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    Went back to the shop today and turns out it was the butterfly nut on the clutch plate, the thread was gone.

    See for a video and some pics.