Problems!! mitsubishi tle 43cc motor

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by panther, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Hey guys I think im' in the right place now to post some help information.Anyway i just bought a staten friction drive kit off craigslist.The person i bought it from said he didnot ride as much as it needed to be ridden so i really didn't know how old the motor was ,but it looks brand new.I ask him what mix gas he was running in it he just kind of mixed it and then ran it he also said that the roller had never been greased.I got it mounted on my bike dumped all the old gas that was in it out and greased the roller and put some 50:1 mix of mine in it and it ran like a champ this thing was awesome and i really like this setup anyway it started to spit and sputter and then stoped running.When i tryed to restart it i had to rechoke it to get it to start. i had ridden about 3 miles before it did this full throtttle off and on I got it home and figured it may be old gas so i dumped this out to start all over.Day 2 i got some new gas and a new oil mix of 40:1 ratio took it out and it ran great rode for about 3 1/2 miles full throttle off and on i noticed when i would stop that it was trying to stop on me but as i throttled it it spead back up, but finely stoped completly i also noticed a slight kind of sqill or clicking noise when i start off and get up to speed but then goes away when it's rolling good??? When i got it home i let it cool down for about 3 or 4 hours then tryed to restart it and nothing.It acted like it wants to start but it doesnt.The spark plug it light tan on the bottom but i don't think its fouled.PLEASE ANY IDEAS on what i can do next.I want to ride this to work this summer about 13 miles and i'm not going anywhere right now. Please help thanks panther:confused:

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    Maybe the ignition coil/magneto is failing at high temps, then works once it cools down?