Problems registering motorized bicycle in MA

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    I'm new to the forum. I just built a motorized bicycle using a Huffy Cranbrook and BGF motor kit from Ebay.
    I went to my local RMV in Lowell, MA with my Motorized Bicycle Form all filled out, and $40 for registration.
    The first lady that helped my there didn't know how to help me, she was confused because I didn't have
    a title or Certificate Of Origin with me. I told her, "I put this thing together myself, I bought the bike from Wal-Mart, and got the motor kit from Ebay." She was nice enough, but wasn't sure how to help me because "you didn't buy a complete motorized bicycle, and it's not a scooter." and then told me to go see the supervisor. So off I went to see the boss. She was annoyed that I got sent over from the other station, but even more annoyed that I didn't have any documentation with me. She said, "You need a bill of sale for the bike and a bill of sale for the motor you bought." I said, "So you expect me to get a bill of sale from Wal-Mart, and get one from an online purchase. That won't be possible."
    I explained my situation once again, but she had enough at that point. Needless to say, I left with no sticker.

    Here are the exact words of the MA motorized bicycle registration form:
    "If registering a new motorized bicycle, provide the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.
    If registering a used motorized bicycle, provide the bill of sale."

    My opinion:
    So first of all, she is treating my moped as used, when there is no evidence of any previous owners through a title or bill of sale. She's trying to get me to register my moped as used when it is brand new. Some logic, huh?
    Plus, I should only have to get THE, which means ONE in the language known as English, bill of sale for the bicycle because that's all I put on my form. One or the other, not both. More sound logic from the RMV.

    My moped should be considered new as I just built it with brand new components.
    My problem is this: I can't get a Certificate of Origin because BGF doesn't issue them for motor kits, and I don't have my receipt from Wal-Mart, purchasing of the bicycle, nor do I have one from BGF (there wasn't one with the kit.)

    Has anyone run across this problem before dealing with the Mass RMV? A lot of you guys seem to have walked into Mass RMVs without paperwork for bike or motor (just as I did) and you walk out with your sticker and don't have too many hassles there.
    I can't find any Mass law pertaining to home assembled mopeds, and what documentation is required for them, only a poorly written page on the RMV website declaring what a motorized bike is by their definition.
    I will try the Leominster RMV if you guys can help me to figure this out.
    And if that doesn't work, I'll just ride and take my chances :cool2:

    Matt Burns

  2. helperbike

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    I would bring the printed receipt from the Ebay purchase and any receipts you might have from purchasing the bike at WalMart (credit card statement, etc) and bring those to the RMV and try again.

    They have "a documentation requirement" and you had "no documentation" and then you got ****y when they asked for documentation. Don't fault them for trying to do their job. :)

    Don't bother nit picking the actual documents themselves. A bill of sale in a commercial retail setting is arguably a receipt of purchase.

    I bet you'd be successful.
  3. foodman500

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    I think the less I tell them, the better. Not going into how I made it myself and where I bought the motor from. I'll just tell them I bought a bike from Wal-Mart. I sure hope I can find those receipts.
  4. Richard H.

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    I was going to write a lengthy reply but first, what size is the engine?
  5. foodman500

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    66cc. As I understand the law this technically classifies it as a "Limited Use Motorcycle", but most motor bicycle enthusiasts seem to be registering the 66cc kits (which most of them are) as 49cc.
  6. HseLoMein

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    I would just write up a fake bill of sale say for $100 and pay the $6.25 in tax. they dont verify those.
  7. Gene

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    You are creating problems that don't exist. Many here wish they were in your shoes. Who cares if it is used or not. Get the tag. Say you bought the bike used from a friend and present a bill of sale. DONE!
  8. chainmaker

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    Like the two before me said get a bill of sale made up for a 49cc, add the remaining required digits to make a vin number using the serial number. have all the paperwork filled out and the forty dollars in hand when you go. I brought My two little kids who were touching everything and chatting the ladys ear off...she couldnt get us out fast enough.
  9. I got turned down in springfield ma because my bike wasn't on their list of mopeds (and there was no supervisor there to see, supposedly they gave him my information but I doubt it). I'd love to just go back and say I bought it used but I think I would have gotten the same answer. It's not a prebuilt moped so it's not on their list so they won't register it. I'm going to check my messages when I get home hoping they called but I highly highly doubt it (but that won't stop me from getting my hopes up and then being sorely disappointed anyway) It's a real shame so many people are trying to do the right thing and getting screwed for it. I built this thing because I've seen them around and heard of people having no problem registering them in ma. Now I'm stuck with hundreds in parts I can't legally use.
  10. professor

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    If all road dead end for you- go buy a basket case moped that still has paperwork. Go register it. Then put the numbers on your bike along with the name somewhere.
    That is what I had to do in the worst state- NY.
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    same problem exists in Texas. since there are so few riding them and since we arent hells angels the cops dont require full compliance. just wear a helmet, dont go over 30, have lights on it. and be real friendly to any curious cops that stop you. also might help if you have a motorcycle drivers license.
  12. Gene

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    Imagine that. Who said that ???? LOL Just do it!!!
  13. boilerman

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    i'm from the lowell area please let me know how you did. [ did you fill out affidavit? ] at some time i would like to chat with on the best / different ways to go about motorizing a bike .
  14. boilerman

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    i'm from the lowell also,,,,keep me posted [ did you fill out an affidavit? ] at some point i would like chat with you on what is the best way or different ways to motorize a bike
  15. boilerman

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    i'm from the lowell area myself so please let me know what happens. [did you fill out affidavit?] this might help go to any flea market [salem,nh is closest] buy a bike for 10 -25 doll,,,,,make sure you get a bill of sale .get the persons name and address make and model [alot of sellers don't like this but it is what you need] as far as your engine . you have buy something else,,,,,make sure its 50cc or less. keep me posted
  16. V 35

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    For Make = Huffy [ use bike serial number as a V I N ]
    For Model BGF 49 cc

    Worked [ twice ] for me
  17. Devil's Advocate

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    I would do the same, they just need certain documents for their process. Provide them with something and they are not likely to question it.