Problems tuning CNS V3 carb

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    Hi every one i'm new to this forum cause i've just got my first motorized bike finioshed and i need hel[p tuning it. I've read a lot of forums and tried all the ideas i've read about and i still can't get my grubee GT 5 66 cc to run right. I love in salt lake cioty utah and the elevation is almost a mile high. I've leaned the jet to a 64 and am running 25 to 1 fuel oil mixture. I have the CNS V3 carb and hooked the two breather tubes together which helped a great deal. And i've played with the needle in the center of the venturie where the throttle slides up and down. The engine bogs down on take off and you have to really ease the throttle open or it craps out. It slowly gets up to about 25 mph but i know the engine is capable of more speed from what i've read about this motor. Does any one have any tricks up their sleve that could help me figure this out?? Also my spark plug the center is white on one side and black on the other side i've never seen that before and i've worked on a lot of engines. Help iof you can. Thanks Zuide