Problems With Brushless Hub Motor


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Jul 27, 2008
Hi All,
I have a BL36 kit on my bike, which is a 36 Volt brushless hub motor kit from wilderness energy. I have liked the kit, but I have a problem, I keep breaking motors. Both motors broke by the same mechanism, the wires going into the motors were tugged at. The first time it happened because my cargo rack that held the batteries broke which yanked on the wires going to the hub motor, which caused it to no longer work.

After that I bought a new hub motor. The second time, I did not tighten down the hub motor well enough and the shaft spun relative to the fork which caused it to wind up the wire and tug on it. I assume a wired was pulled loose, but when I opened up the motor I follow the wires and check continuity across them they are OK. I am sure it's not the controller, I even tried a brand new controller after I broke the first motor and it still didnt work. But when I got a new hub motor it worked with the old controller. Now that the second hub motor is broken too I figured I better figure out what's going on.

I am hoping someone has had this happen and knows how to fix it. Maybe someone knows what kind of resistance should be measured between of the wires. I don't know. I'm pretty sure it's one of the three motor wires that got pulled out and not the 5 hall effects sensor wires. Both times it was the motor wires that got the most force on them.

Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. THanks!

Don't take this as a personal attack, but waranties generally don't cover misuse / abuse / damage from an installation issue. Having said that do have polite chat with the vendor you are getting your hardware from and see if they can help you out.

Otherwise, try here. Not specifically for your controller but there are a bunch of really helpful guys.