Problems with the Police in Australia

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    Hey Guys and Girls let us know your experience :)

    Just starting a thread up for the Aussies and whether or no they have been pull up by a officer while riding, if so any fines or warnings?:nono:

    Thanks for your feed back :)

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    i am in syd and as yet im still to be pulled up by the police ...

    i have had plenty ask me why i got my bike/motor from ....rse

    i have even passed 3 rbt an 5 or 6 gettin a ticket

    best of all ive heard an seen 2 cops on motorized pushies both running 66cc motors .

  3. Police Problems.......

    Im in the central west (NSW) and I think the cops out this way have got nothing better to do than harass me!!
    The first couple months of riding were sweet, I'd been pulled over and or breath tested several times no problems, most of the time they wouldnt even bother stopping me:)
    Then one night, I gets pulled over by the highway patrol, said they clocked me doing 61kph, they took heaps of happy snaps of my bike + close ups of the engine (ht), said they were going to do some homework on the engine, aprox. power displacement and what not (200 watt limit) and told me to be expecting a court attendance notice in the post in the near future. Couple weeks later I got $2000 worth of fines in the mail..........unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured.
    I believe that if I wasnt traveling so fast I they wouldnt have even looked at me.
    Now adays I just putt around (always pedaling also) if im riding around town, and if I spot the fuzz I just kill the engine and act casual like im not breaking the law!!!
    I rode around western Sydney every day for 6 months before I moved back out here and never got pulled over once.
    Im contemplating going electric very soon, but the only thing I dont like about it is the
    limited range.
    Or getting a RSE friction drive kit and running a pocket bike engine, theory being that the
    y are a lot smaller than the ht engine, (especially the head + fins) so would be easier to pass off as a smaller cc'ed engine thus puts out less power??
    :idea: Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!!:detective:
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    Thanks for your input :)

    thanks for your input it's much appreciated :), i myself haven't been pulled up and i have been riding my bike around my little town for the past few months, a bloke i know has been pulled up and the officer checked his bike was safe then was off. As long as we don't fly around on these things we shouldn't be too noticeable :whistling:.
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    By the way 2Cycle there is a lady that fly's around my town on one of those electric bikes and you don't hear her until you pass her, i would think that our loud bikes are a bit safer as cars and people hear us coming, but they still much them illigal :/. Sound like a good set up though :)
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    Just don't drink and ride one of them, and you should be fine.

    The cops are starting to go after us because some disqualified drunk drivers are buying 50ccs and tearing around on them while drunk enough for two people.

    Then there's the bloody local bogan who lives near me, getting the cops here in particular riled up because he has an expansion chamber, no muffler, no helmet, and likes to race up and down the bicycle track scaring little kiddies and old ladies at 60kmph. . . Some people. . .
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