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    Hey guys,

    Just "finished" (still needs new set of bike gears and a general supergluing) my first build and I was just wondering, what are some of the problems you guys have come across in your time using your bike?

    I'm from Perth, Australia, so anyone from aus would be great but even just generally.

    For example does anyone worry/had problems with vandals while locked up say outside a fast food resteraunt at night? I ask because even my old pushbike had its tires sliced, and this is 100x more vulnerable with a fuel hose etc)

    But anything at all I should be aware of, social or mechanical!

    Cheers everyone.

    Btw - I'm not 63 or whatever I just didn't fill out my age propperly heh.

  2. MikeJ

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    I have over 1400 km on my bike. I learned to be ready for mechanical breakdown and adjustment. Carry a toolkit with you so you can tighten any loose nuts and bolts while out on the road (these little shakers do work the nuts and bolts out of original specs), and carry two spare inner tubes and a medium-sized air pump. I once picked up a nail that would stop a road train. I also carry a cell phone and some spare cash. With a good high-visibility helmet, bright-colored jacket, and keep speed below posted limits, I have a good time while riding.
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    Be more concerned with thieves than vandals. Get a good lock. I never leave mine for long. (Not long enough, I hope, for a potential thief to go home and return with their bolt-cutters.)
    Mike's right about tools and especially, punctures. At the very least, carry levers and a repair kit.
    Which engine and vendor? (Mine's a ZBox 66cc HT)

    ... Steve
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    my cousin bought one
    from what I noticed
    tank came lose holding bolt stripped
    head stud pulled out -- time for a re-tap
    muffler fell off
    lost some of the top in speed for some reason
    had to replace carb -- reason -- I forgot now
    sounds like keeping nuts and bolts just right tight would be a good goal

    as we ride those things
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    Aside from the lock and everything that Mountainman and MikeJ said, to avoid repeating all the stuff that's already here, for starters the best advice is to read the 'Stickys' at the top of the 'General Discussion' and '2-Stroke Engines' sections. (Assuming that you have a 2-stroke)
    Then scroll through both sections and have a bit of a read. There's a wealth of info here.

    ... Steve