Engine Trouble probly a stupid question, engine running like garbage

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by megamotormagna, May 10, 2012.

  1. megamotormagna

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    While trying to figure out why in the **** my 80cc is running like garbage, i took the carb and intake off just to peak at the rings. when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke i wasnt able to see the top of the piston, and into the combustion chamber like i can looking in through the exhaust port. so the fuel is actually going under the piston, is that normal? sorry if this is a stupid question i couldnt find anything while searching. i did notice another port in the combustion chamber, so i was hoping that the fuel goes under the piston then gets pushed up through the 3rd port?

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    The fuel mix is taken into crankcase and forced into the combustion chamber through transfer ports. Look at the picture of the cylinder base gasket. Inside the cylinder there are 4 ports, intake, exhaust and 2 transfer ports.

    Much like this.......

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  3. megamotormagna

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    ok, good i had gotten alittle nervous lol. i think the problem im having is just the beginning of the downhill slide to the engines retirement =-(. i have read that people are reporting an average of 400-1000 miles before the end, and im alittle over 700 miles. i am now looking into just replacing the engine, or pricing out a complete rebuild. the problem is this is my only means of transportation to work. so i would have to be able to swap, or rebuild it on my weekend.
  4. Cavi Mike

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    If you're noticing a loss in power/performance, it very well may be your CDI, not the engine itself. If you've been kind to your engine by keeping the revs down and keeping to at least a 32:1 fuel/oil mix, the engine should be just fine. My last CDI got so weak I had to run a .015" spark-plug gap just to keep the thing running. A new CDI and a re-gap and it was running like new again.
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    To be honest im a bit of a speed demon, lol. Although id hit WOT i wouldn't hold it long just long enough to hit a top speed then back to 1/2 throttle for awhile, then up to WOT again. i have thought about the cdi and checked spark, it seemed weak kinda yellow color spark?
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    Definitely not a dumb question. I used to have very difficult time understanding how increasing the height of a port in a two stroke was the equivalent of running a higher duration cam in a four stroke. Tough to visualize.
  7. megamotormagna

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    I have decided to go ahead and order a new cdi, bummer part is im still going to have to ride it to and from work until it gets fixed or detonates which ever comes first.