Product Review: Dynaflex X-Grip Pro Hand Exerciser

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by fitnessallday, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I recently purchased a dyna-flex gyro powerball from Amazon. Prior to purchasing it, I did get a chance to try it out at a local BIG-5 store. They had a powerball and the docking station for display and use to customers right in front of their cash register. I tried it out and all of my skepticism quickly went away. Let me tell you, I have a ton of joint issues from weight lifting like wrist tendonitis (I can't even grip the handle bars tightly without pain), tennis elbow (sounds familiar anyone?) and rotator cuff soreness. My first impression was how much torque this little thing produces. It was as if the ball was trying to free itself from my grasp but when I held it and rotated my wrist, it helped created enough tension where my muscles were being put into play. I ended up not purchasing the item but when I drove home I suddenly realized that my wrist felt better and my natural range of motion in my wrist was coming back whereas before I couldn't without some sort of soreness or tightness in my wrist.

    After looking at other great reviews online I decided to give it a shot and bought it off Amazon. Every day I'd do a variety of arm motions with the powerball gyro spinning in my hand and after about a week my tennis elbow pain decreased dramatically, my rotator cuff felt a lot better but what felt the best was my wrist having its range of motion back. I can now grab the bar and twist my wrist without any pain. I highly recommend this product not just as a rehab tool but to prevent injuries in the future by strengthening the muscles that the powerball emphasizes.

    I also saw at the store that this company carries an "X-Grip" pro hand exerciser for bikers but I didn't notice that until I purchased the powerball. Has anyone tried any of these products before and had great results?
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    When I first stated reading this, I had an idea of what you were talking about. Went to Amazon and checked on it. I was right. I became aware of things back in the late ‘70’s. I have two of them now. They definitely do work. Most people are skeptic at first because they can’t get them going. They will definitely give you a good workout from the tip of your fingers to your shoulder. The prices on Amazon are ridiculously high though. I paid less than $10.00 for my last one about two year ago. And it’s not a bare bones model either. It has LED lights that come on as the gyro spins. Neat little gadgets to play with if nothing else, but they really are a legit exercise machine. A buddy of mine is an avid rock climber and he uses one to strengthen his grip. He swears by them. They are sold under several different names. Click on the link below. This is where I bought my last one. They're still under $8.00 delivered.
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    ... and... how does this corrolate to bolting dangerouse powerplants onto unsuspecting bicycles...?:thinking:
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    Probably not a darn thing. But after working out with one of these things over the course of a few weeks or months, you’ll have a much stronger grip to hold your handle bars. I think the intent of his posting was aimed towards the therapeutic properties of this little gadget. I was surprised to see the posting myself.
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    Thanks for your post Porkchop.

    It has definitely increased my grip however there's a ton of other uses for it too. The many uses of the dynaflex powerball is definitely worth noting of course :cool2: