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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by super dave, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Why don't you contact kings and see what they will do for you?
  3. super dave

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    re chain

    yah i did and they want me to send the chain back for them to see, but i am in canada so it is easier and quicker for me at this time to just purchase a chain from my local shop :ack2:
  4. radrob

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    lightly grind the front sprocket so its a little thinner on the teeth and it works.
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    oh wow...thanks for the info
  6. bseelbach

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    I just received a Grubee GT5 Skyhawk 66cc from BikeBerry. Same thing. Advertised as a 415 chain. Packaged with a bike chain. It does have the smaller sprocket though. I'll give them a call in a bit.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    what did they say?
  8. i ordered from gasbike and they advertised a 415 chain and i got a 415 chain.
  9. bseelbach

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    Bikeberry said that their kits had changed. They were aware of the discrepancy but did not change the website until I pointed out that it was incorrect. FYI my engine was manufactured 7-10-09.The response to my situation was that I could pay to ship the chain to them and they would send the 415 chain if I paid return shipping. Doesn't seem worth it to me as I could pick one up locally for the price of round trip shipping.

    I know of another member that ordered a Grubee 66 from Gas Bike about 2 weeks ago and received the same bike chain. In both cases, the kits came with smaller sprockets so the chains will work. It's just not what we believed we were getting.

    My Bikeberry kit was simply a repackaged GasBike kit. They took the sealed Gasbike box and put it inside another plain package an shipped it out.
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    So you got a box in a box in box? Since Gasbike just takes a China Gas box and puts it in a Gas Bike box.
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    Gasbike sells Grubee (China Gas), as well as other Chinese Type D (Happy Time) engines.
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    had the same thing happen.wrong chain.
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    Your better off buying a real chain and getting rid of your chinese chain anyway. They stretch, twist and perform extremely poorly. I run a KMC 415HD (my kit came with a 415HD imitation:ack2:)
  14. mattysids

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    I read the product description and it advertised a 410 chain...
    i know what a 415 is but what is a 410?
    is this the thin chain you received?