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    So how many times do you guys encounter the pack of professional bikers in their little spandex outfits and $6000 bikes? I was up for an early morning bike ride last Saturday when I came up to a pack of about 30 of these guys. They were peddling along around 20 mph so I passed them going about 27. Anyway, one dork in the group thought he needed to challenge me, the ole man vs engine thing I guess. I see him peddling his heart out to catch up to me (I was now doing about 29 mph). Anyway, I started slowing down because I was going to turn on a side street. Just when I am turning, he passes me, raises his fist up in the air as if to say he had won or conquered me. I just turned and went on.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, the roadies seem to bug people from the comments that come up from time to time.

    I don't mind them and I gotta give credit to someone able to maintain 20mph pedaling.

    Overall, I guess I feel more solidarity and less threatened by cyclists than I do on a daily basis from most people in cars, at least I don't worry about other bikers running me off the road.
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    Or you could have had a little more fun if you didn't mind going out of your way a little.

    Slow down a little to let him catch you and stay even with him for a while. Then when it seems he can't keep up the pace any longer and starts to slow, go full throttle and leave him in the dust.

    A strong young cyclist can pedal 30 mph for a while, but he can't do it for long.
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    Hi ollicat

    This is a repost of mine from another thread expressing similar sentiments to yours.

    In my case, i passed a group of Spandex riders on their $6,000 racing bikes and stopped for a coffee at a local bicycle cafe, but not before locking up my bike to a street pole and chatting to someone who was interested in the bike and trailer.

    When these guys finally caught up, one of them decided to give me a vociferous; aggressive and threatening lecture.
    Needless to say the guy didn't read my facial expressions and it got ugly.



    I don't so much have response to people but just fairly obvious facial expressions;

    Smiles at first then depending on their behavior, my facial expressions either stay the same or get modified to:

    1) Smiles if they are genuinely interested and want to talk about the engineering, assembly or operational qualities of the package, then making a decision to inform them of purchasing locations for the engine and shift kit depending on their maturity and sensible attitude to use of operation in a public environment.

    2) The grimace face: that gradually painful and stressful look that washes away my effervescent and jubilant facial tones as the person starts to give advise on how they would design and manufacture or re-engineer the componentry or delete safety aspects of the design to make the bike go faster.

    3) The terse face: that expresses displeasure about their enviro-political stance of a motorised bicycle, and a few short and sharp (sometimes caustic) rebuttals of their common points of argument, if they press the issue.

    4) The fisty cuffs face: that expresses the potential to rectify their attitude if they continue to stand 2" away from my face loudly arguing the case that a motorised bicycle is cheating and against the spirit of cycling and fitness; also mentioning they have intentions of reporting me to police for having an over specification engine and my bike should be destroyed.

    5) Oh lord, i'm going to be crucified again for this comment that could be seen as bellicose in nature: The "attitude rectification" face: that expresses satisfaction over my attitude rectification of the spandex clad cyclist intent on wrecking my day, forcing things to turn ugly; sometimes ending in tears for Mr Spandex, usually with the person running to his friends gathered some distance away waiting on outcome of the situation.
    Typically face number No "5" is logical progression from face No "4" when Mr Spandex doesn't read the fourth facial expression.

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  5. Fabian

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    In my case, it seems to be magnified as the trailer slows me down quite a bit, to the point where a fit cyclist on an expensive road racing bike can outpace me, although i make back ground when on the downhill run, of which i pass them on the first 200 meters (yards) of the uphill climb, of which they pass me again but some time later i repass as they burn out from any sustained climb.

    This seems to drive them to distraction and i receive all sorts of verbal abuse when going by, some of it not in very nice words or tones.
    I think the mentality is: "I've spent $6,000 and it gives me privilege to be king of the road; elevating my position as a human being over the lesser classes of low budget bicycle riders"

    I don't share their sentiments of elitism, and have a good venting session if they challenge my choice of recreational pursuit, and if it turns ugly; involving fisty cuffs, so be it.

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  6. thuginfc

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    if they gotta be smart asses just pick up the nearest stick,screwdriver or pole next time he tries to outun you wham stick in his weak 12 spoke wim
  7. Fabian

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    A most creative reply thuginfc :evilgrin:

    I'm an enthusiast of technology and marvel at how manufacturers of $6,000 racing bikes manage to make them adequately strong for their flimsy construction.
    The carbon and titanium on those bikes is lovely, in presentation alone, not to mention functionality.
    Certainly there's no way i could damage the bike (just because a socially elitist rider happens to own the thing) so the only choice left to me (if attitude adjustment is required) is to wham a stick up his weak (possibly 12 spoked) rectal passage.

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    When they try to put you down just say "I'm sorry you are unhappy with your life and need to offload on someone else. I hope things pick up for you soon. Peace be with you *2 finger sign*" And then buzz off with an infuriating air of undefeated serenity.
    Couldn't lash out on a bike either. Cagers on the other hand....
  9. thuginfc

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    lol yea both of you are right i prolly wouldnt hurt the bike either... im thinking of an oil injection into the exhaust for that smoke screen getaway
  10. Fabian

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    I've always had this cheeky thought, particularly if two or more guys riding motored bikes came across one (or more) of these Spandex cyclists intending on wrecking the day:

    Give him

    The wedgie of the century... - ...Spandex stretches only so far before a rocky outcrop in his undergarments becomes part of the load distribution factor; causing even the most vocal anti-motored bike, cyclist to change their behaviour. :evilgrin:
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  11. Yoda Bob

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    A well-timed wedgie works wonders! If nothing else, it'll change the pitch of his complaints :devilish:

  12. PatrickW

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    Why the conflict?

    I have been riding my Motorated Trike for quite some miles, now, and I have never had one conflict with any one else riding something with two or three wheels. In the thousands of miles I have ridden the Trike, I have run into several groups of 'the spandex crowd.' I just wave as I go by, give a big smile, and keep going...if I'm cruising at 15-25, I just let them pass if they want to...give them room and wave...big smile...and usually get waves and smiles in return. Some yell things like ',Keep trucking, Grampa!' Others just yell ,'Hi! There!' No hostility...we all share the same road. I've been overtaken by packs of Harley riders, too. My first instinct is, when the lead bike gets broadside, I rease my arm and point straight ahead, and yell ..."Wanna Race!?" It invariably gets a laugh, and when I catch up to them at the next wattering-hole, we have a beer.

    There has never been a conflict, nor reason for one. Once I get talking to one or both of these groups, I just show interest in the meticulous design and build of their machines, and they will invariably show interest in mine...asking all sorts of questions. No reason for hostility, there...I guess I am just one of the lucky ones who happens to have his head screwed on straight, unlike some other folks...ya think?
  13. Fabian

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    Quote PatrickW "guess I am just one of the lucky ones who happens to have his head screwed on straight, unlike some other folks..."

    PatrickW, i'm happy is working out well for you. It seems from your comments that a good portion of the rest of us must be halfwits.

  14. Stan4d

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    Lets slow down. And avoid name calling or percieved name calling.
    My brother is a bike enthusiast. He has made it to 50 under pedal power and the help of a long down ride. He rides in a 100 mile race in Wichita Falls Texas in August every year. Its called the "Hotter than **** 100". We do not personally know anyone on either side of our outlook on bicycles that demeans the other. Seems that all are appreciative of the others hobby....but then again we are not trying to race each other, that would not be a fair comparison of either hobby.
  15. KilroyCD

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    I've never had any problems with roadies. In fact, I worked a race the past two years (the Tour de Christiana) with professional riders (and I do mean pros, as his was a Criterium race). One of my motorized bikes was used for course marshalls. A lot of the cyclists thought it was cool, they didn't have any issues with a motorized bike.
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    I just passed the 2000 mile mark in not quite 4 months of motor biking. I have not had any rude or offensive comments from pedal bikers. Most of them have liked the motored bike. A couple of times I have gotten a mildly disapproving comment like, "What's the point?" But nothing worst than that.
  17. HseLoMein

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    The other day i had a girl on a cruiser bike, yell to me "GET A REAL BIKE" so came up to her, shut off the engine, pedaled with her and asked, her does this make it a real bike now? And then i sped up started the engine and took off :)
  18. SimpleSimon

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    I like that. Very appropriate response.
  19. Slackbiker

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    I thought i might get some from the "regular" tour bikers, but none at all, have even toured with them for a few days, though I don't use the motor...... until i fall way behind.
  20. lucas

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    any hotter then 90 on mb me park under a nice tree take a nap.