Professional Grade Titan

Ok so here is my Professional Grade Titan.... named after the GMC bike the engine is attached to. I wanted to make this a Made in the USA build but I was bummed out to discover that my GM branded GMC bike was made in China by the Kent bicycle company. Anyhow, here she is.


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Looks good, thanks for the pics

Just curious, how many teeth on the powered gear on the wheel?
@srdavo... It rides super nice and accelerates smooth as can be. IF I could move it back away from my seat just a smidge it would be near perfect.

@ skyl4rk... it's the standard 44 toother that comes with the kit. I plan on upgrading to a 36 eventually but I don't have one handy. I used to have one from livefastmotors but I think I lost it in a move. It had only 5 mounting holes anyway so I would have had to drill it. Anyhow I will probably be getting an aluminum 36 tooth sprocket from Kings or maybe Dax.
Very nice! I would take a link out of that chain though so you can bring it down a bit lower. Also so that when your chain gets some stretch you have some adjustment.
If you plan on adjusting that torque arm out some more for a bit more space,remember to loosen the two nuts where the torque arm slides into first so it can move,then tighten down up top when it's adjusted then the two nuts by the torque arm down below. Don't just adjust it up top without loosening those nuts or you will put some strain on the mount that goes on the frame.
Argh leaky carb

Ok its time for an update on this project. I had some minor structural issues that Duane is helping me through (blown out pillow bearing and broken weld on torque strap when I hit a bump) but I have another problem. The carb is leaking from the hose at the bottom of the bowl. What would cause that and what can i do to stop it? With the tank being so small, I need every last precious drop of gas and I fell WELL short of the 40 miles the tank is supposed to get me when I ran out of gas on the way to work the other day. It seems like the hose is some manner of overflow drainage or something but it leaks constantly. Since there is no petcock on the fuel tank, this is a MAJOR issue. Anyone with a suggestion is most welcome to chime in here. Thanks in advance!

Are you sure the hose is not a bowl drain? They often are a twist valve wt. a hose to drain the bowl for storage. The valve should turn by your fingers if it is just loose? Jim
That may well be. There is a screw valve right near the hose but I tightened it all the way down. I don't want to strip out the screw because the metal is rather soft. I was hoping there was something else I could do.
Then if it is an overflow, sounds like there is something under the seat of the float, defect in the needle or seat or the float is set to high. Any of the above should give a rich mixture and maybe rought running? Jim
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