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    This is the project bike I'm working on, an old-school stump jumper (Specialized Hardrock GX). It's got a fresh new paint job, courtesy of a can of primer and Rust Oleum spray paint. I plan on putting on a 25cc R-Subaru on it. The paint scheme will be yellow and black (so Tom, please send the black decals asap;)). This is the "before" picture.

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    What picture?
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    oh, the picture :)

    oops, didn't work. I'll try again with the picture....;)

    There's another picture too, when I created an album thing in the picture gallery.

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    Sorry dude. I can't open the picture. Can you please upload it again?
  5. There's a storm around your bike lol!
    It's gonna look fly.
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    Sorry about that, Corleone :oops: I uploaded it right this time. Hope you can see it now :)

    Hi Large Filipino :) I test fitted a gebe drive ring on the spokes and it won't clear the needs about 1/2" to clear. Bending the frame is too severe, looks like. I have to find another rack system. Maybe Staton can sell me just the frame mount; inside or outside chain drive kit. I have an engine already, the 25cc rs.

    Update 7-6-2008: Spacers added to rear axle...clearance good. All systems go. Thinking of the possibility of installing the engine up front with a GEBE mount after seeing Wes' front wheel drive :)
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