Project completed! My mountain bike cruiser

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    Here it is! Running my dual pull brake lever to actuate both brakes! The kit is not a typical ebay kit which I usually order. What you see here is all stock and came with the kit. The clutch was NOT seized from the factory, the paint job is a dark GREY, not SILVER... very glossy and smooth(not the typical metallic silver paint, the kits come with), very unusual. It may be hard to tell by the pictures. ALSO, the manifold is held on by TWO allen head bolts, not the typical stud and acorn nut ordeal with most of the kits. This is the SAME kit that is sold on JNmotorsbikes. If you saw the kit in person, you'd definitely notice the paint. It also came STOCK with the short manifold. It was about -2 degrees at LEAST... outside last night. I spent all day building in nice heat, took it outside and she fired right up, haven't heard the sweet sound of a new HT engine in several months! I took the head off and reversed it because the plug was pointing forward out of the box, I don't like that. I noticed it had a LARGE amount of lubrication inside as well, just keeps getting better and better! Has a 40 tooth sprocket, came with an odd looking front mount as well. I scored myself a nice deal, as soon as it's 20-30 degrees, I'm bundling up and starting the break-in period. This is THE nicest engine kit I've ever owned, blows my old bikeberry Grubee Flying Horse RIGHT out of the water in quality. RIGHT AWAY, I didn't even open the stock 415 chain that was included, I bought 10 feet of #41 roller chain from fleet farm, threw it right on! I am very EXCITED!

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