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    I finished My bike Jenny Irene today. She runs sweet needs some adjustments with the carb but I took her for a couple quick spins. Now I remember what it feels like to be a kid again. Once I get the front disc back on I ll be riding all I can . I Learned alot building this bike from this forum and its Members.Thanks


    All new bearings
    2010 Schwinn Del-Mar No-More
    dbl wall alloy rims
    front disc, rear crappy caliper
    Zoom 66cc
    SBP engine bolt kit and Expansion Pipe
    MM intake and motor mount
    Kings Sales 39 tooth disc hub mount sprocket
    Venicemotorbikes front disc adapter
    Layback post by Sportscarpat
    Forks from Venicemotorbikes beefed up by Sportscarpat
    Rear mount tank by Silverbear


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  2. azbill

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    nice build !!!
    looks clean and well thought out :)
  3. STL Sparky*

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    NICE! :batman: