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I started my main bike build which is a Firestone Super Cruiser. Never found out how old it is but for 50 bucks I think I did ok. Had to put a new springer on it cause the head tube and steerer tube became one over so many years that the old one is just parts for ebay. But what I am needing help with is mounting and a cap for my tank. I seen many fine looking tanks built on here and Im hope n to have one too with a little help from some fine builders on here. That make things that all of us wish we had the ability to do....(wonder if I buttered the bread enough)...thanks Terry


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WOW, good looking job. A few things you could do. One is you could go to a wrecking yard that has old bikes. Find a tank cap you like and buy the tank, and remove the cap portion and weld it to the tank you have made. Another idea remove the cap portion from a thinner can and then make a cover for the cap, also I have seen a cap from a gas lantern, like Coleman. Again good job, Have fun, Dave

P:S find a tank in the wrecking yard that has a big dent in it that will keep the cost down.
I don't know nuthin' 'bout tanks. But I do know a fine looking ride when I see one. Love that rear fender.
Terry, you may won't to remove the filler tube from the tank that came in motor kit and weld it in and use the stock cap.NICE LOOKING CRUISER!!!
wow relly nice job. O I love old bikes. top that build in gas tank with the set up motor..
nice job
Thanks for the info on the thread. I was trying to find that the other night but was using the wrong word to search. I have a few tanks that I want to mod to fit on bikes better that just resting up on the bar like they do but hate to chop up just for a cap and filler. I researched the links from the threads and might have to buy one there if I dont find something before hand. So thanks for any more thoughts on it and I'll leave ya with the latest change moved the seat post back over the rear wheel. Many more to go still have to make a filler box for between the seat post and rear wheel...still trying to figure out something on the fenders. I have the ones that came with the Firestone which have a big front light something like a phantom and would hate to mess with them. So might ditch em on ebay. Have to build motor mounts when I get my shorten crank
Thanks again...Terry


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Well the new shorten 3 1/2 inch crank came in today..good ole Deb at Bikeworldusa taken quick care of me so I can get started on the motor mounts.
Roughed in the tool box storage box what ever it might become. Still trying to figure out which way to mount things. Would love to come up underneath the tank and mount it through the lower top bar. Guess I should have thought this out more before going at it. Oh well IM having fun....


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Looking good! What part of Indian do you live in? Cant wait to see more updates.