Project Redline: Engage

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    This is the VERY beginning obviously.

    I got tired of trying to find a used bike I liked, therefore, I bought a new one!
    I bought it from a local bike store called Reser Bicycle Outfitters.
    It's a Redline d440 29er, 8speed

    Thus far, engine-less, I love it! It's perfect, I took it off on a trail for about a mile at a local park, then came out and went for a 10 mile ride through my town. True versatility at its finest

    The plan is to grab a GEBE around Feb-March
    Even though on sale, this thing was a pretty penny... considering i was looking around $200 and ended up going over triple that price in buying a new one!

    Here's some pictures to start out...

    Sorry the pictures are sideways... I thought I fixed that! :/

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    Good find. The Redline is strong and installing an engine should be very straight forward.

    DJEEPER Member

    Good bike! I have sold many at my bike shop. strong, proven and good quality.

    waiting for progress :)