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    Hi there crew!

    I thought I would share with you my recent upgrade from Whizzer Outerbanks, Quenton Guenther.

    I recently purchased a 1999 Whizzer. I knew almost instantly I'd need to figure out how to upgrade this critter due to the high altitude (7000 feet), and rolling hills needed to buzz around the area.

    Pluse, I love speed and making things perform better. Who better to contact then our very own, Quenton Guenther!

    After a PERFECT transaction with him, I had a new NE5 setup in the mail. It arrived packaged perfectly with everything labeled and ready to go.

    Here is a picture as I started:


    First step was to remove that ol' WC-1 motor.

    My wife ran an errand, so onto the kitchen table!!!

    As mentioned Quenton sent the step by step instructions that were VERY easy to follow and do. Cylider off and ready for the next step:

    I polished the piston, cleaned all mating surfaces and assembled the new setup:

    I then ran the motor with an electric drill for 6 repetitions of 3 minutes each, varying RPM's:


    I put a couple table spoons of oil down the spark plug hole, and obviously had the spark plug OUT and everything free so that while spinning, everything was lubricated well.

    Word to the wise.....Keep your FACE away from that hole until you give the oil time to settle in and get into the rings. I will not post a picture of my face.....but here is the wall behind me:

    Now to adjust the timing. USE A HAMMER screwdriver, or tap and turn using a hammer, be forceful yet ginger with the phillilps screws holding the side cover on:
    Here is what I used:

    Side cover off (I drained oil) you can see the timing marks - see how the cam is advanced ONE tooth counter clockwise?


    Time for the cover to go back on!!! (USE factory manual or install screws in an alternating fasion).

    Then, I buttoned her all up, and SHE FIRED like a champ. I can tell there is MUCH MUCH more torque, just in the idle. It sounds mean and ready to take on the high elevation and hills around the areas.
    Quenton, your not only a great new friend, your an awesome asset to this site and the Whizzer community - thank you so much for everything.

    Here is my finished product, complete with K&N:


    and one more....

    I hope you guys enjoyed a little of the fun I have had the past couple of days.

    Best wishes from your friend in Colorado (more pictures to come)

    Dallas Maddox
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    Bad A**. And great quality pictures. Thanks, and I'm envious.
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    Rear Belt:
    Brand is Do it best
    Part number is 4L630
    SKU number is 342631

    This belt is a bit shorter and by tightening that front belt, this one is a bit more snug on the rear. (Fractional Horsepower belt). NICE GRAB to it, and CHEAP!

    The AX27 is superior and is in MOST cases perfect. I however found in my specific application for the AX27 to be a tad too big. A trip to the automotive store yielded this info:

    Brand is Mileage Maker
    Part number is 15280 mk
    Gates number is 7280
    Goodyear number is 15285

    This belt is not quite 3/8" shorter and is a NICE perfect snug fit for me, plus it has the teeth, and is high quality - again, LOTS of bite and a perfect size for me.

    K&N Filter:
    1.25" I.D.
    Part number 62-1390
    Again, perfect fit, high flow - and a cool chrome top. Looks trick!

    Hope this helps!

    Best wishes,

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    yeah totally rockin'! Thanks for the filter info, I needed two of 'em... Excellent pictorial post! Thanks!!!
  5. Whizzer 58

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    What a great way to show other bikers on how to convert to a better more thing... where did you get that Whizzer under tank cover? it really looks nice. regards Ed
  6. I love the pic of the oil on the wall. That is ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't you just hate when the **** happens !
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    Thanks for all the comments guys!

    The question on the under tank cover. . .

    This Whizzer was put together in late 1998 by Whizzer with every option the company had at the time for the President of Whizzer. It was then auctioned off in early 1999 for charity and for Whizzer publicity - in the Dallas Texas area.

    It then lived in an Oklahoma City garage for the next 9 years with only 123 miles on it, I purchased it.

    My mistake - having it shipped. When I got it the headlight visor - bent, all four turn signals snapped/cracked/broken off, tail light lens, busted out and on and on and on.

    It had Whizzer saddle bags (for sale) a luggage rack, and rear view mirrors. I have been trying to breath life and style back into it ever since I got it.

    So, I don't know how/where to get the undertank cover. Sorry!

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    Hey Dallas
    Did you use the original carb 18mm or get a 22mm or 26mm carb for your upgrade? I was going to use the original on mine but have since changed my mind and I am going with the 22mm carb. Quenton has helped me get everything for my upgrade. The only thing he can not help me with is getting the time to do the upgrade. It still cold so I'm not riding anyway but I can't wait to ride this thing. Very nice write up on your upgrade. Lets us know how much better it runs.

  9. dmaddox

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    Hi Jim,

    I went with Quenton's 22mm carb. I am still fine tuning the setup - but will keep you guys posted!

    Thanks - Dallas
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    Hi DMADDOX Great job you are going to love this set up Im running about the samething and it works well.have fun and look for sun. Bill Green Vancoucer Whizzer.. PS Great JOB both DMADDOX and QUENTION
  11. Great Job MAD! I know 1st hand that motor will rock. Wished I had seen this post before I built mine. Good pics...
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    I am almost finished dialing it in. I have about 100 miles on it, and changed the oil at 50miles and again when I got home at nearly 100.

    I have to say that the thing just keeps building more and more torque. I think that's whats key here.

    Is the horsepower huge over the wc-1 no. But I will tell you that the throttle response, and torque ARE. Its great to be going 30mph, and you have power to go. And not the kind that needs to build up either, it's torque right at my wrist. Further, the power is more consistent.

    The upgrade was worth every penny. Highly recommended.

    More to come!

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    I know there have been a couple of posts going around regarding the tuning an dialing in of Quenton's upgraded WC-1 to NE5.

    I am finally complete and it is AWESOME!

    I am at 7000 feet above sea level, Quenton quickly sent me a #88 Main jet to replace the stock #95. I also purchased a hi-flow muffler insert from him.

    I swapped the jet (let the gasket dry out or you'll never get it back in there), and used a rubber mallet to tap in the muffler insert and set the set screw.

    NO hesitation, NO backfiring, NO loss of power, NO cut-out. The power band is smooth, powerful, and it sounds wonderful.

    I have at LOTS more torque, and I only have 60 miles on the new setup!

    I can't tell you guys how pleased I am to have the Whizzer running so well. It's so run to ride. I'll provide more pictures weather permitting.

    Quenton definitely knows his stuff.

    Thanks guys and happy cruisin!

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    great to here

    Hi Dallas great to here it .Quentions like having a fine tuning manual..have fun Bill Green