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    Hey everyone, Just posting some pics from this weekend. the first few are of a Raleigh beach cruiser i found in the trash last week , painted it during the week and put a 80cc ht on it . notice the one pic of the forks (since the brakes sucked that were on it) i cut the v-brake mount off some old forks and welded them to the cruiser forks so now it has better braking. i added some gold graphics to the tank this morning(also the tank was taken from a jesse james huffy chopper i have).

    the green schwinn (youve already seen) but i added a springer fork and some green flames on the tank.

    the red and antique white schwinn is a friends we just finished this weekend.
    last but not least a sneek preview of a new streched cruiser we are building.

    thanks to all here for the continued support , also thanks to large filipino for the pulley clutch mod (on all bikes i build now) so much smoother.


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  2. pooja84

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    Good job. I found it good especially the red and white schwinn. Keep it up!!
  3. graucho

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    Simply awesome work! Its great so see people who are enjoying the build. Your busy. Do you just bounce around working from one bike to another? Keep up the great work, I enjoyed them all.
  4. echotraveler

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    love them!! specially the blue! keep us posted bro.
  5. lordoflightaz

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    I'm with you. Love that gas tank on the blue one.
  6. japster

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    very cool...i dig the stretched cruiser, I have on the garage getting ready for an 80cc motor
  7. rockvoice

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    Thanks everyone, And Groucho I may be having more fun building than riding(maybe).
  8. rockvoice

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    streched cruiser progress

    this cruiser is a friends (helping him build) you saw the start of it a couple of days ago. Now its getting close to fire up time.

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