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    It's an interesting idea, that's for sure.

    It said 1.4 hours run time at full throttle. But a string trimmer at full throttle doesn't have (it would seem) much actual load on that engine.

    Under MB conditions a 16 oz tank might run only a small portion of that time.

    So that would mean carrying more cylinders and changing them. That would be a weakness, but maybe not fatal. Though it might get a bit expensive.
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    Maybe I ought to re-phrase that;

    I'll bet that 1.4 hour run time is under no load conditions.

    It's likely to be less when cutting through a bunch of thick weeds and grass. Or riding a bike.
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    Well, he may be a spammer, but I just visited, the makers site. The engine on the trimmer is a 4 stroke propane fueled one, already compliant with the new small engine requirements set to take effect in 2010 and 2011, fully CARB II compliant, and injector fueled - no carb to futz with.

    Looks really interesting to me - it's very quiet in the video on their site, and looks like a good potential engine for the bikes. Specs state 25cc, no power output listed. Claims 2.5 hours of operation per 16 oz propane cylinder, or 1.4 hrs at WOT using standard screw on propane bottles.
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    I agree with yall... Interesting.

    How would we go about comparing petrol & propane?


    my little screw-on campstove bottles hold 1.2 lbs. of propane.

    conventional trimmer tanks might hold a pint of gasoline.

    I wonder about propane conversion, on a small 4 stroke??
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    Might work but in very cold temps (for you Yankee's), the tank pressure may drop to the point it won't run.
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    Think BIGGER plastic tank Weigh 8 lbs empty 10x the capacity of the bottle on that weedwacker
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    I wonder if the power output is enough to push a bike and rider. If you convert a car engine to propane, you lose 10% power, just because propane carries less energy than gasoline. This engine is already on the small side at 25cc and a 4-stroke.

    If it works, I like the idea of a clean burning MB. At $4 a bottle for the 1lb-ers, it could get pretty expensive to run. You could save by getting one of those refiller adapters and a 18lb bottle.
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    You'd have to puncture the tank and release raw propane to not be CARB and EPA compliant. I worked in a steel plant where we used propane on our forklifts in enclosed areas- no problem.

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    I don't want to carry 10 to 18 lbs of propane on a bicycle. There's all the added weight..... & a lot of danger involved. If punctured, even if it doesn't explode, I can only imagine the chemical burns!! ouch!!

    A 1 pound canister could be protected easily, from puncture. (of course we all know Murphy's Law)

    I very seldom ride for an hour, at one time.... so a pound of fuel and a spare canister would work out fine.
    Walmart has 2 canisters for $5.46.... $2.73 per pound
    quick guess-timate.... 11 cents a mile for the little propane canisters....
    6 cents a mile for petrol.... loosely based on 25mph & 125mpg.
    real results will vary. haha

    thanks for the link, Louis!
    this just jumps out at me..... like, "don't try this at home, kids"
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    I like how they gave us conversion photos. They dont say anything about changing
    the ignition timing on any of their models. I know when I deal with hydrogen I have
    to change the timing (retard the timing) to get the engines (2.5hp to 6.5) to run
    like a normal gas engine.

    The only engine I could get to run on hydrogen without changing the timing was the
    R/S 35. Propane has a lot less flash point than Hydro so maybe the timing would be
    close to gasoline with only converting the jet and vacuum.

    Very cool weed whacker. I dont have the time to try it on a bike, but I hope someone does.
    The only way anything gets proved is if someone jumps in and tries it and reports back. :smile:
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    Great example of a solution in search of a problem. If you do get it to work, I'll have to double my use of gasoline to ward off Global Cooling. I've already replaced my gas furnace with one that burns coal, I'm doing my part, how about a little help!
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    I've read in home power magazine that propane generators are superior to gasoline in that they last about twice as long since the gas doesn't push past the rings and contaminate the oil. Engines are also supposed to run much quieter on propane.
    If one was to refill the tanks this would be a very economical way to go, especially considering the fact that you can store propane for long periods but gasoline degrades rather quickly. Good doomsday transport :)
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    I worked in the Propane Gas business for 25 years...We ran our vehicles on propane because is was cheaper than gas or diesel back then....There really are FEW advantages to using it and a lot of disadvantages.
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    I already have two conversion kits for my Honda 50's it would take me an hour to hook one up I just havn't got around to it yet.

    You can run gas and propane side by side easily enough. One thought I had was just carry the camp stove tank with regulator and tubing for a spare tank, it weighs maybe less than 2lbs and I would never get stuck without fuel.
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    by the way im not a spammer i just posted in two areas so everyone had a better chance to see it but the messages were not exactly the same so i thought it was fine. sorry about the mix up

    but any way im thinking this company can be contacted and maybe a person could score some replacement carbs if the bolt up just like the walbros we would be on to something then. im thinkin it would be fine bolted up to 35cc or less without any mods. i went to ace to look at these but there were none in stock. i want a close up look at the carb to see whats all involved with the propane setup. ill post again soon
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    You ever figure out how the automatic timing feature works on the R/S engine?
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    Very convenient to