Proper chain guard for a JC Higgins

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MaxGlide, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Hello all.... just wondering if this would be an age appropriate chain guard for the JC Higgins frame on this Whizzer.

    Right now it looks to be a Wald guard.

    Once again thanks so much for any info.


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    This might help.

    Hi, I have a bike that has a chain guard like that. The people I bought it from said it was a 50's JC Higgins but didn't know the model name. Here's a pic of the bike.

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  3. MaxGlide

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    Well I've been told it's a JC Higgins frame and the sprocket looks like it but the frame on my bike goes straight back from the sprocket.

    Your bike (and all I have seen) has a slight up sweep on the bar going back from the sprocket and the chain guard bolts into a seperate bolt above where the wheel bolts into.

    On mine the arm from the sprocket goes straight back and the chain guard would seem to only be able to bolt onto the same place the wheel and fender brace do. It appears the style of guard on your bicycle would not fit mine.


    thanks.... Wayne
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  5. meatwad

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    That is a frame I havent seen before. Its definately a murray built bike but it looks more Elgin era than Higgins.

    closer to this one from the 40s
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    That looks more like it.

    Hey Meatwad,

    That definitely looks more like it. The sprocket is the same, the way the frame splits behind the seat, over the back wheel looks the same and the arm back from the sprocket is the same.

    It is pretty sure its a Sears bike as the model number is 502-158 and that fits with the other serial numbers I've seen from Sears. Seriall number is 9370. I will have first hand info as soon as I get the bike. It is now on its way from New York.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Hey no problem. Ive seen quite a few of of the correct guards put up on ebay for ten bucks and nobody bought them so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Personally I have a 41 elgin and decided that it looked a lot cooler without it, Hides the sexy curve of the seat tube. Good luck.
  8. MaxGlide

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    If you see one....

    Yeah it is kinda sexy.

    But if you happen to come across one let me know.