Proper etiquette while riding

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When I ride and see people freaking out,I

  1. Play cool and ignore them.

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  2. Scream "This is the greatest joy in my life ever!"

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  3. Just nod and give a little smile while looking cool.

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  4. Crash into a tree.

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  1. I could merge this thread with the riding style thread but this needs a poll.
    When I ride and people around me freak out I tend to slow down and smile at them and say "WHASSUUPP!!" real loud. Then I take off.
    How do you deal with the masses that freak out?

  2. ironwarlock

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    I just smile at them. ;)
  3. gone_fishin

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    only an admin or moddy can "merge"...sorry, but i disagree that every new-topic-question "needs" a poll...nothing to contribute really, and it only bumps the other stuff further back.
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