Proplem whit speedometer

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    Hi,whant to now if someone have this proplem whit this speedometer,when star the needle begin up and down and when stop the needle dont go down.Thank's

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  2. Esteban

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    Many people have had problems with the those reproduction speedometers.
  3. motorpsycho

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    The gears inside of that are all plastic....CHEAP plastic.
    the gears will desintegrate, break, chip or crack which will cause the needle to stick or not work at all.
    I had that same speedometer and ine lasted for one day.
    the plastic gears inside of the hub drive unit desintegrated and broke apart.
    these cheap speedos are only good for 5-10 mph bike rides where a person is using pedal power only.
    consistent 30-35 mph runs will destroy this speedo.
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    Thank's for the answer but it dont work from the first time I install it,maybe came defective dont now.
  5. motorpsycho

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    t's possible that the gears are not made right or they are missing teeth. the opther thing is to check the cable where it screws into the speedometer head.
    the inner cable is square, and the drive unit inside of the speedometer head is also square. sometimes this cable will not make a positive connection with the square drive peice (which is plastic). if the inner cable is allowed to slip or spin in this plastic square drive unit, it will round out the plastic inside of the speedometer where the cable slids into it.
    it's hard to explain but you will need to unscrew the cable where it screws into the speedometer, and check the square inner cable and the plastic drive unit insode the speedometer. also, when you unscrew the cable, pull up on the inner square cable to make sure there is enough sticking out to slide all the way into the plastic drive unit in the speedometer,

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    Thank's motorpsycho I thing that was my eror because I did not know that the cable was square and it can be it will round out the plastic,this speedometer did not bring Instrucion.