pros/cons of Centrifugal clutch for 49cc?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by daninthesand, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. daninthesand

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    I am currently in a 49cc crusier build with the SBP shift kit. I was debating going to a centrifugal clutch.

    First of all I assume I can buy a ready made one to fit the chinese 49cc...yes? If so who sells it?

    Anyone out there who could give their experience and likes or dislikes for using the centrifugal clutch would be appreciated. Any appropriate links would be great too.



  2. POPS

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    Some clutch kits supposedly free wheel both ways. Zoom will not. They only freewheel 1 way. What this means is that the bike will act like an automatic transmission, give gas and go from a dead stop. That is the one way free wheel. You can pedal start your bike this way, but you have to keep your clutch lever to release your clutch in order to pedal start and drop your clutch. With this set-up you have to keep the clutch lever and manual clutch arm or you are not going to be able to pedal the bike without turning over the motor. I have figured out a simple way to make the clutch free wheel both ways. This means that you can pedal your bike like normal and you do not need the manual clutch at all. You will have to add the pull start kit, as you will not be able to start it any other way. If you want more details on how to modify the clutch, just post. As I have not yet mounted my motors I can not comment on the clutch itself, however I can guarantee that I can show you how to make the clutch free-wheel both ways.....POPS
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  3. Skyliner70cc

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    The clutch is awesome. Of my 3 bikes, the one with the SBP shifter kit and clutch is by far the oen that is ridden most.
  4. lordoflightaz

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    Right now I have 2 bikes. One with the SBP shift kit and the other with a GT-2-GGG-2 cent clutch. I can't pull start the GGG, not enough arm strength, so to start I pull in the manual clutch and pedal up to about 12 mph (as the motor breaks in the MPH is going down, I think I can start at 9 now) and release the manual clutch.

    Once the engine is warmed up it is nice not to have to think about the clutch. I just ride along, most cool. One day I will get the shift kit on the bike as well, that will be totally awesome. I think take off if you are heavy may be an issue on a 49cc engine, probably not the case on a 66.

    I think any more bikes for me will have the centrifual clutch.
  5. daninthesand

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    thanks everyone for the information. I think I will consider the centrifugal clutch...unless of course I abandon the whole project and just go with the ez bike 4 stroke instead!....but then again i do have a spare cruiser bike kicking i have two vehicles...why not two MB's!:cool2:

  6. strotter

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    POPS, please post. I just ordered one and would like to know how to make clutch free wheel both ways.
  7. POPS

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    Just saw your post but too tired tonight.
    I will tune you's in tommorow...POPS